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Pier 23 Cafe located in San Francisco, CA
3/22/2010 7:59:59 PM 14 Comments

Pier 23 Cafe

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23 Pier San Francisco, CA 94124
(415) 362-5125

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    3/18/2013 9:34:03 PM
    Was in San Fran for a conference with a coworker and we decided to hit a DDD location for dinner. Went to Pier 23 Cafe and had a great meal! He had the fish tacos and I had the seared tuna sandwich. The tuna was seared perfectly and had a Sriracha aioli along with pickled red onion. What a great combination! We both had the clam chowder as well......I highly recommend it! A great meal, great service and a great view of the bay! What else could you want! If you're in San Fan, make sure you hit it!
    7/17/2012 9:31:00 PM
    Went on a Tuesday afternoon by myself as I was passing through town. Server was attentive, fast, and friendly. The hostess allowed me to choose my own seat out on the deck. I had a Lagunita pilsner to drink ( local brew from about an hour north) that was suggested by the server. For my meal I had a seared tuna sandwich that totally hit the spot. I'd love to check it out again.
    7/1/2012 9:23:24 PM
    Great food and great location! We ate lunch one day and dinner the next day. Fish tacos were fresh and fabulous .Steamed clams and mussels were some of the best around. Friendly servers top off a not to miss in San Francisco.
    5/5/2012 4:10:00 AM
    Yes, disappointing. Food was okay. The people who served seemed as if they didn't care if you were there.
    5/3/2012 9:41:35 AM
    WE turned around and left before even going inside. We arrived at 3 pm they on a Sunday and they were charging a cover charge cuz the they had a person singing inside. There was a lady trying to get back inside, she stated that she went outside to use the restroom, since she did not have her hand stamped they were not letting her back in even thru she had already order her food inside. Hum mm DOES NOT SOUND LIKE A PLACE I WANT TO SUPPORT. It sounds like DDD made it famous and not they are taking advantage..
    3/31/2012 5:14:46 PM
    Agree with "Guest".  Was really disappointed after looking forward to what I saw on the show.  And price to boot.  1/2 sandwhich, cup of soup for $30?????  NOT again!
    11/28/2011 6:49:06 PM
    Went there 11-26-11. Food was crap. The fish tacos consisted of burnt tilapia and what I believe was reheated onions and peppers. No corn salsa, no made to order coleslaw. Clam chowder was so-so, and a freind said the shrimp/crab sandwich tasted like the seafood mixture served up at subway. Female waitress was rude and would not verbally acknowledge anything. 
    9/6/2011 11:21:39 PM
    Not at all what the DDD episode showcased.  The duck poppers that were featured on the show are not on the menu anymore and the waitress seemed irritated that we asked about them.  Service was horrible!  We were never told what the specials were, had to ask for drink refills repeatedly and the waitress was apathetic, bordering rude at times.  The food was so-so. We ate on the "heated patio" but it was freezing.  On our way out, we noticed that it was nice and warm in the patio area where our waitress was sitting folding napkins.  So disappointing because we were so excited to eat there after seeing the show.  I gave it 1 star but it was for the busboys who brought out the food and did a decent job of clearing excess plates/dishes.
    8/21/2011 8:10:49 PM
    Completely average.  It was a waste of our last evening in SF. 
    Andy Dietler
    8/17/2011 7:24:23 PM
    This should be here: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Pier+23+Cafe,+Pier+23,+San+Francisco,+CA&hl=en&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=38.365962,86.572266&vpsrc=0&t=h&z=15 Map is wrong.
    4/4/2011 11:29:16 PM
    great food. lots of fun and great dancing.
    3/7/2011 9:25:18 AM
    We were on our way to Australia with a stop in San Francisco and after seeing Guy's visit to Pier 23 we had to go and try the baked crab. It was outstanding, so good I had to go to the manager and tell him how much we enjoyed it. Before leaving we went back to Pier 23 and had the crab again. On the way back from Australia our hotel was by the airport but the crab at Pier 23 was calling us so we took a taxi into the city and again enjoyed to backed crab. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes seafood. Outstanding!
    8/27/2010 1:15:35 AM
    Small portions, tasty food and high prices.
    8/6/2010 12:40:30 AM
    Great vibe and good food.  Wish we could have spent the whole day eating and drinking.

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