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Savarino's Cucina located in Nashville, TN
4/14/2010 6:55:41 PM 9 Comments

Savarino's Cucina

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2121 Belcourt Ave Nashville, TN 37212
(615) 460-9878

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  1. Avatar
    4/14/2012 2:08:20 AM
    Was there this past wednesday. I agree the owners aren't the friendliest but weren't rude either. The food was very good, had the eggplant Parmesan, meatballs, penne with pink sauce(vodka sauce) and lasagna. To me this is more of a lunch spot, not dinner. I would recommend if you are in town.
    3/26/2012 10:46:27 PM
    This food is so bad.  The food is NOT homemade.  It was bad...need I repeat, bad! Do NOT travel to this resaurant.  Thank goodness I live in Nashville as a visit to this local would have made me irate.
    3/24/2012 7:20:27 PM
    I live in Nashville and have been a couple of times. It isn't fantastic. I would certainly be disappointed if I'd driven from far away to visit. Desserts are better than food.
    3/14/2012 5:57:43 PM
    Seen the show on Diners, Drive-in's and Dives to try the food....Food was really good, BUT the service was soooo slow took about 45 minutes to get our food and all we ordered was two sandwiches, people not really friendly tried telling them we seen there restraunt on triple d's and drove 12 hours to get there and they could of cared less, and to top it all off got a $20.00 parking ticket cause we didnt see the parking sign in the parking lot accross the street (road is narrow/crowded and no parking..its downtown Nashville).
    2/22/2012 12:47:01 PM
    The food is just ok, But, the people are not friendly, the wait is long. I get a better tasting sauce out of a jar for the spagetti and meatballs. 
    10/10/2011 3:26:16 PM

    My friend and I were suckered in by the Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives hype. We were in Nashville for a concert and thought we’d try one of Guy’s recommendations. WHAT A MISTAKE!! 

    I really liked the look /feel of the neighborhood. We arrived at Savarino’s Cucina at 11:45 on a Friday and there was absolutely NO PARKING so we figured there would be a wait. Being Friday and lunchtime we were prepared. We finally pried our small car into a non-space behind the restaurant. Parking in back was a mistake because we got a preview of how poorly maintained the building/back lot are, a taste (pun intended) of things to come?

    There were a few tables occupied on the front patio and only one table occupied inside. I have no idea where all the people who belonged to the cars in front and back were hiding. If the cars were employees there need to be alternate arrangements made for staff parking.

    The logistics of ordering are not obvious. A small “Order at the front counter” sign would be a major improvement. We waited at least ten minutes for a staff member to come to the counter to take our order. The arrangement of counter, kitchen and tables is not well designed or even tidy. The kitchen is way too far away from the counter and many more tables could be included in the layout. It all seems randomly arranged, without any thought being put into service.

    We ordered a stuffed artichoke and two orders of the Chicken val “D” Aosta. For drinks, the restaurant has a self-serve cooler. I was happy with a bottle of water but my friend wanted a diet soda. There were no diet sodas available, NONE .  COME ON! We were given a number after ordering then seated ourselves. And we WAITED, and WAITED!  One hour later, some 18-20 year old guy comes out and smacks down our plates and scurries back into the kitchen without so much as an, “Anything else?” The stuffed artichoke was bad, barely any stuffing, which is the point of stuffing an artichoke. The chicken and pasta were tasty and the sauce was GREAT but we were served about ½ cup of pasta and a small piece of meat. Menu price for that dish $12.95 is OUTRAGIOUS!!

    6/30/2011 9:54:23 PM
    Family run restaurant. Service was slow as promised by a sign posted at the entrance. Only one meal at a time will be prepared.... Had high hopes for the food though. I ordered the beef and rissoto stuffed pepper and roasted veg. The texture was a little mushy and strongly over salted! Very poor. Dessert case was okay. Home made ice creams were melted in display freezer. Hopefully we just caught them on a bad night....
    6/21/2011 11:12:48 AM
    Best Food in town!!!!!!
    Randall Mc
    12/6/2010 9:57:34 AM
    Drove from Indiana on Saturday after seeing the show on TV. I had the pasta with voka sauce it was really great with a side of sausage. Best sausage I ever ate. Desserts were also great. Thee were three other couples there from watching the show. Do not be in a hurry it took 45 minutes for food but worth the wait. I will be back!

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