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Saturday, March 30, 2019 (8w) 0 Comments  By [email protected]

Mark BBQ in Essex Junction, VT

Mark BBQ is located in Essex Junction VT. My brother Chef Darrell Langworthy is the owner/chef. He started out in a food trailer and built quite a name for himself locally in the area. His BBQ is Texas BBQ. He slow smokes all of his meats and provides food to multiple breweries in the area. The name of his restaurant comes from his late father in law that shined the light on Texas BBQ on my brothers many trips to Texas for vists.  This restaurant is not only known for their BBQ but he has also built quite a following with his custom sauces. He is also a vetren of both USAF and US Army and treats every vet that walks in to the restaurant as family. I think guy should try this out as I see no VT resaurants fro Vermont listed and a good place to start is Essex Junction Vt.




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