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O-B House in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Old Fort Lauderdale Breakfast House in downtown Fort Lauderdale (also known as O-B house) is at the end of a street filled with brunch joints, mainly of the bottomless mimosas and woo-girl variety. This is not that kind of place. This is where you wake up early to ensure you can get a table and eat the best breakfast in the neighborhood by a mile. I've wavered on spilling the beans simply because it's my local gem, and it's a very small space with no reservations, and I didn't want to see it get too inundated with new visitors since we're already a tourist destination. But this place is just too good to share, and I'm preparing to move out of the neighborhood. 

Everything is freshly made, including incredible thick-sliced white and six-grain toast (they refer to it as "perfectly buttered," which may or may not define "perfect" as having an entire stick of butter on each inch-thick slice. But the real showstopper is their skillet pancakes. Each one is 8 inches in diameter and an inch or two thick, baked up nice and fluffy in the oven. My favorite is the blueberry and corn pancake. Half the reason I'm even letting you in on this secret is that I want them to share the secret of this pancake on camera so that I can make it at home after I move. 

By the way, they're focused on paying every employee a living wage, rather than forcing them to live on tips. And we're in sunny South Florida, so there's beautiful outdoor seating as well.
333 Himmarshee St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312




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