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Rosie's Diner CLOSED in Rockford, MI
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Rosie's Diner CLOSED

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4500 14 Mile Road  RockfordMI 

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Rosie's coffee mug  [...]

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GUYRA SNOW CHASE 12 oct 2012 (Rosies Diner ) BP Black Mountain

Rosie's Diner CLOSED in Rockford, MI 
snow scenes from BP truckstop black mountain , new england highway.  [...]

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"Runaway" at Rosie's Diner - Rockford, Michigan

Rosie's Diner CLOSED in Rockford, MI 
Home-video of Joe G. and James Popenhagen jamming to Del Shannon's "Runaway" outside of Rosie's Diner with friends in August of 2010...  [...]

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Rosie's Diner - Dead Rising 2 Original Soundtrack

Rosie's Diner CLOSED in Rockford, MI 
Legendofmania presents you Dead Rising 2 Original Soundtrack Rosie's Diner Still uploading soundtrack...  [...]

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Meet the Cast and Crew of Rosie's Diner

Rosie's Diner CLOSED in Rockford, MI 
Meet the cast and crew of our next film Rosie's Diner! Be apart of our project via IndieGOGO! Like us on Face...  [...]

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  1. anonymous
    10/31/2012 6:59:16 PM
    Guess this is one we won't get to try. We want to hit all the local ones featured on Diners Drive-ins and Dives.
  2. anonymous
    7/28/2012 4:58:20 AM
    When Guy did his show on Rosie's it was previous owners who still ran it. One of their waitress's bought it...and ran it into the ground in short order. Very sad. It's been sold to an out of state company, although it still sits on the locations to day (7/12) local rumor has it, the diner will be removed. Sad to see a long time land mark distroyed by someone who thought she knew how to do more than wait on tables :(
  3. anonymous
    7/14/2012 6:19:38 AM
    Ever eat at 'Joe's Gizzard City?' DON'T!!!
  4. anonymous
    6/12/2012 8:06:00 PM
    We were just there on June 11, 2012 and was really shocked and upset that Rosies was closed. I wondered why the signs on the highway were gone and found out the hard way. Never had a bad meal there. Looks like the owners let it go.
  5. anonymous
    5/15/2012 5:20:17 AM
    I was there and the place was terrible.  My dog would not have eaten my leftovers.  Went out of my way to enjoy my meal.  Guy must be an idiot to have this place on his show.  He and his staff obviously didn't do their homework.  What a cooking joke. Great credibility Guy!!!  Nice hair too!!!
  6. anonymous
    4/25/2012 4:16:40 PM
    It's been moved to aurora, colorado.
  7. anonymous
    3/26/2012 10:03:27 PM
    Jonnelle u sure had some big ideas,yes i know it takes time and loads of green and people. but it looks like u were all talk and run it in the ground.rosies was an icon, now someone has to rebuy, restart .try to gain some of the old and new customers plus bring up to code and who knows all what else to beable to make a buisness and beable to make money off from the buisness to keep it going once they start. jonelle u srewed it into the ground shame on u.
  8. anonymous
    3/16/2012 9:07:10 PM
    Are the diners still there?  I'm going to be in Grand Rapids in April & would like to take pictures before they disappear.
  9. anonymous
    3/10/2012 6:56:55 PM
    I lived 5 minutes away from here for almost ten years, this place was amazing. I haven't been here in four years, and I am devastated that it is closed. :/
  10. anonymous
    2/27/2012 9:13:45 PM
    Is it still closed
  11. anonymous
    12/31/2011 6:43:42 AM
    Is Rosie's still closed?
  12. anonymous
    12/2/2011 8:07:06 PM
    my brother and i used to drive from clio to rosies every other saturday. i'm going to miss those waitresses who would make you feel like family. i have a picture of me with three of the beautiful girls. once when we were their one of the workers was celebrating her daughters birthday. she made sure that frank an i got a cupcake. that was just the way they were.                                                              Don & Frank                                                   
  13. anonymous
    11/12/2011 1:32:07 AM
    not only did they close, they hosed their employees with no notice and no last paycheck. they also just sold an assload of coupons on groupon or deal chicken or whatever and managed to screw the public at large....nice
  14. anonymous
    10/9/2011 2:48:08 PM
    These Diners are closed. Taken alot of DDD road trips and had a great time, this was disappointing.
  15. anonymous
    8/9/2011 11:44:19 AM
    On a trip through GrandRapids, which was supposed to be our 1st GoldWing trip to Sante Fe, and found this DDD on the way.  The food was better than expected!!  All in all a good experience.  Plenty of parking.  Wait staff was friendly and food came pretty fast. 
  16. anonymous
    7/6/2011 11:24:49 PM
    Rosie's had its positives and negatives. We went for dinner but ordered breakfast dishes. The grilled cinnamon roll wasn't special, too much like a pre-package gas station breakfast roll. The main entrees, though, were very good, especially my wife's Cobblestone french toast and our bacon sides. My wife's dish was a very large portion, enough leftovers for her breakfast the next day. I was expecting a bigger portion of my home-made hash, but it was tasty. Service was quick, but then the restaurant was nearly empty at the time. Our waitress was inexperienced but she was very friendly and was evidently making an effort to get things right. The biggest negative was that the restaurant was very hot and stuffy. No A/C and only one fan. All in all, if we happen to be passing through the area at meal time, we'd stop back, but I don't feel any need to drive out of our way just to go to Rosie's.    
  17. anonymous
    6/15/2011 11:50:07 PM
    We were in Saginaw for business and decide to trust that it wS as good as it looked. That was our first mistake. After seeing the three ring circus we Decided to venture in and see what the food was like 2nd mistake. We ate or didn't eat I should say. Very dissapointed go to grand rapids tons of great food there. Rosies was a 0
  18. anonymous
    4/14/2011 10:14:18 PM
    Good food, good people, I would go again anytime.
  19. anonymous
    4/12/2011 1:04:11 AM
    While circling Lake Michigan we decided to pay a visit to Rosie's.  It was about an hour one-way, out of our way.  My wife had seen Guy visit the place on one of his shows.  She ordered beef tips over noodles.  Not sure of the correct menu term.  We watched her meal sit under a heat lamp for at least 10-15 minutes.  Needles to say the noodles were rather dry and crisp by the time they arrived.  The fries that came with my order were not edible.  It was like they had been sitting for a rather long period of time and re-fried for a warming up.  The place was a major disappointment.  The food was pathetic.  The diner could have been cleaner as well.  I would rate the joint a 0 if I could.  Maybe Guy should send in someone else before or after his visit.  It is easy to serve one good meal to one person, especially when that person has his own TV show.
  20. anonymous
    8/8/2010 11:47:38 PM
    Rosies is a great trip down memory lane.. or a way to make a new memory. What food! The malts were fantastic. My brother brought me to Rosies then I had to come back and bring  my daughter she and her young daughter had a great adventure and have some great memories from our DDD adventures.
  21. anonymous
    4/12/2010 8:48:37 AM
    The Cobblestone French Toast was too die for.  It is sweet and doesn't even need syrup.  The homemade biscuits were also great.  The staff was a little slow but there friendly personalities made up for it.  All in all a great experience.
  22. anonymous
    9/1/2009 12:07:48 PM
    Love the car shows there. Food is great and I make it point to stop by once a month.
  23. anonymous
    8/21/2009 9:43:49 AM
    Been there a couple of times.   Great shakes and burgers.   A little slow, but a nice place on the way home

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