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Doug Grina of Al's Breakfast in Minneapolis Dinkytown District is retiring

click this link to read the article at http://www.startribune.com/after-42-year-run-als-breakfast-co-owner-doug-grina-is-taking-a-well-earned-retirement/566373702/

He's been there 42-years and is the co-owner of Al's Breakfast. If you've ever been to Minnesota and got a chance to visit Al's Breakfast in you never would've forgotten it. It's very small like only 10 or so seats to sit at. It's also a blast when it's busy to see how the seating mechanism works.

When Jenn and I went there for the first time, there was a line out the door. Once we got to the door, we could see a line of people standing sitting behind all the folks sitting at the counter eating. It was odd as we've never seen this before so as it turns out, the folks standing the furthest inside we're the ones that go next. Those folks we're a quad so they wouldn't get seated until four seats opened up so I remember two spots we're open but nobody sat down. Once another two spots opened up the entire counter moved right or left switching spots to make four open seats. It was like musical chairs and it made me smile as there is order inside from what looks like chaos.

When Jenn and I finally got a chance to sit down and order one thing I remember was looking at the grill, it was so small and steaming with hashbrowns, bacon, sausage, etc. so he would just work on that grill and it looked like a grill you'd find in your camper rather than a full-blown restaurant. That's the charm of the place and is truly what a Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives are meant to be.

Guy Fieri visited the restaurant on his show back in 2008 and if you look at when I added it to my website, it was the 7th one http://bit.ly/398bTgj so it's been around a very long time and when Guy Fieri visited, that probably helped it reach superstar status for all the out-of-towners.

Congrats to you Doug, Jenn and I wish you the best in your retirement!

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