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Wednesday, August 07, 2013 (268w) 0 Comments  By [email protected]

Kalypso Island Bar & Grill in Hanalei, HI

I know you’re going to hate this Guy, but you need to go to Kauai to check out the "Kalypso Island Bar & Grill" Great food and very Kool atmosphere. You might want to check out behind the scenes of a Luau while you’re there, how do they make that poi? I can’t recommend one but I can tell you we didn’t like Smith’s Luau. Don’t get me wrong, the atmosphere can’t be beat but we couldn’t relate to the acting of the performers and didn’t eat there. Now get on a plane and relax. Love your show, Love the 68’ I love my 55’ Nomad….LOL !!!Dave Orange County Ca.



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