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Sunday, August 18, 2013 (266w) 0 Comments  By tiffany taylor

Best food in the skagit valley is Train Wreck Bar & Restaurant in Burlington, WA

Ok, seriously Guy, if you don't visit the Trainwreck in Burlington, Washington, you are missing out! I dont even know if you are still filming this show, but even if you are not, the food is worth the visit. Top notch food, I mean for realsies. So far I've had their french dip with the garlic aoili, the brisket sandwhich on thick slabs of homemade bread, steak tacos that have more flavor than is legal, the chicken BLTA which sounds simple but will blow you away, the SMOKED hot wings which just sounds cray cray but its your tastebuds that go crazy for it, and their 'wrecked' wings which are more like the adult version of chicken nuggets. The train to flavortown stops here... Or maybe its wrecked here, since this IS flavortown. This place is the only thing poor podunk burlington has going for it. You gotta try it out. Seriously. Get here. Like yesterday. Love the show, Guy! See you soon!-Tiffany



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