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Wednesday, August 28, 2013 (269w) 0 Comments  By Rob West

Teddys Restaurant & Deli in Oshawa, ON

Hey Guy, I see from the Map you have only been as far north as Toronto in Ontario....well just up the coast of Lake Ontario is a little diner that everyone draws to from around central Ontario, Teddy's.It is located in Oshawa Ontario. They make the best everything! Lots of flavour and good diner classics.My daughter and I are heading to Buffalo for Darien Lake Park today...I am just as excited to hit our triple D spots while we are there, The Lake Effect Diner and Sophia's. My daughter is 10 years old and loves the show...she has you on PVR and watches you between her cartoons lol.This October my girlfriend and I are heading to Maine where we will plan our trip around some triple D hot spots like the Maine Diner. It is not a vacation unless you can "Triple D it" :-)Love the show...and keep up the good work finding great eats!Rob West




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