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Saturday, August 31, 2013 (264w) 0 Comments  By Muriel Russo

Oink & Moo in Fallbrook, CA

Oink & Moo is a newer restaurant in Fallbrook. I LOVE the ambience and the food is excellent. I have been there several times and when family comes to town we definitely take them there. They have macaroni & cheese fritters wrapped in bacon - OMG! The pulled pork lettuce wraps are YUM!! I've had their pork baby back ribs, the burger, a duck burger, my brother had the lamb burger. They have a PB&J burger on the menu!!! But I haven't tried it. I absolutely LOVE the sweet potato fries. Not only does this restaurant scream to be on Tripple D - the town it's located in, Fallbrook, is a visit back to the 50's.



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