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Tuesday, September 17, 2013 (262w) 0 Comments  By Laura Springer

Frazers Restaurant & Lounge in Saint Louis, MO

Hi Guy! My boyfriend and I are ADDICTED to your show! In fact, he has been purchasing your books and is now determined to hit every restaurant on the Triple D's list! :) One place we think you really need to hit is a place in St Louis called Frazer's...not just because the food is AMAZING! BUT they also make their own ice cream in crazy flavors that just seem to fit together perfectly: Like maple bacon, orango fennel and even wasabi...and that's only mentioning 3 of them! The wait staff is phenomenal and the atmosphere is wonderful. Dan and I had our first date there just over a year ago and it was the start of something wonderful for us. I truly hope you find time in your busy schedule to stop by and check it out. I definitely think it would be worth your while! Heck you could even stop by afterwards and I will make you my famous bratwurst chili! :)SincerelyLaura Springer :)



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