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Wednesday, September 18, 2013 (266w) 0 Comments  By Josh Viana

Boneyard Barbecue & Saloon in Seekonk, MA

Hi Guy, my wife and I watch Triple D every week and enjoyed the show you did at Patties Pirogis as we are from Fall River, MA and we both Graduated from the same high school as your friend Emeril Legasse. Tonight for dinner we went to a place in Seekonk, MA called Boneyard BBQ & Saloon, the service and people were great but what did it for us was the taste of the amazing ribs and chicken. The ribs had an amazing rub on them and were fall off the bone (the best) and the BBQ sauce they used has a sweet taste but a sort of peppery finish but all in all was AMAZING and we cannot wait to go back. We thought of you and your love for good BBQ and said that we needed to try to reach out to you somehow and recommend that Triple D get a hold of this restaurant and do a segment on them. We look forward to hearing back from your or someone else form the show, please feel free, if you need any more info.Thanks and keep up the great work!




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