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Sunday, September 29, 2013 (264w) 0 Comments  By Mark Albrecht

Bonos Salads & Sandwiches in Largo, FL

Guy you have to go to this place its called Bono's Famous chicago Style Hot Dogs. they have other things to. But you got to try their Italian Beef and Italian sausage combo sandwich . Im telling you its is so awesome. And their Meatball sandwich is awesome. their hot dogs are Vienna Hot dogs. you have to go their to believe it. they are only open 5 hours a day no weekends or holidays. only Monday thru Friday 5 hours a day. And by the way their Ribeye Cheese Steaks are well you know you have to taste it for your self. I am a huge fan of your show and your are my favorite chef. And i want you to trust me on their food. Its only 2 people who work their a Mom n Pop deli. The name is Bono's Famous Chicago Style address 6721 Ulmerton Rd. Largo Florida 2 Blocks West of 66th St. Their hours 10am to 3pm. their web site is Please go try it i promise you will love it. Thank you for your time ill be waiting to see it on one of your new shows.




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