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Thursday, October 03, 2013 (254w) 0 Comments  By Erick Thomas

deep fried hamburgers at Clarkes Grill & Sports Emporium in Manassas, VA

There's a place in Manassas Park, VA called Clarke's Sports Bar. The owners of the joint have come up with some crazy food. Have you ever had a hamburger deep fried, covered in bacon, sausage gravy, and cheese with a fried egg on it? No? That's because you haven't been to Clarke's to eat a Mike Ditka. Have you ever had a deboned chicken leg and breast sewn together stuffing in the middle with brown gravy on top? That's the fat chick. All of their food is home made by Clarke and Pappy, you are not doing yourself any favors by not dropping by this place. The place is about 3 minutes away from where John Bobbit got his tally whacker chopeed off too if you need some historical reference.



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