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Saturday, October 05, 2013 (259w) 0 Comments  By creme cafe

BEST crepes ever at Crème Cafe in Reno, NV

This little cafe is so cute and so delicious! They make homemade everything and can even make it gluten free. My favorite is the one with the chorizo, beans, fluffy eggs, cheese and more in it. They have both sweet and savory to satisfy you're every want. On the weekends it is completely packed and the staff is still so sweet and makes it seem like you're the only person there. One of my favorite specials is the amazing eggs Benedict that one of the cooks makes. Also, they have the worlds best french press coffee to go with your breakfast. After your meal they always have great deserts like a mud pie, seven layer bar, lemon bar, coffee cake, and other random ones they whip up. It is number one on yelp, and definitely for a reason. You should check it out!



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