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Sunday, October 20, 2013 (248w) 0 Comments  By Matt Borlandelli

Palermo Deli & Italian Specialty's in Lakeside, MT

In the small town of Lakeside, Montana on the west shore of Flathead lake there is a authentic Brooklyn-style Italian delicatessen. What's unique about this place is they offer more than sandwiches. They have antipasto, calzones, stromboli and Sicilian-style pizza. But, it doesn't end there. They also have pasta. Ravioli, tortellini, manicotti, ziti, fettuccine and linguini. There's more. They also offer veal dishes, chicken dishes and shrimp, fish and calamari dishes. I forgot to mention that all dishes are home made including all the pasta. The best part is yet to come. They are located inside a gas station!Check it out. Their food is excellent.Palermo Deli & Italian Specialties7254 Hwy. 93 SouthLakeside, MT 59922406-844-0615



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