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Friday, February 12, 2016 (107w) 0 Comments  By Anonymous

love love love your shows!! Please come and visit

love love love your shows!! Please come and visit and thrill the entire community in small town usa. My son Is opening an event center/ restaurant to provide the community with a fun place to go and do things. He is going to feature huge cakes, half pound burgers, Carolina moons, and everything the best of the best. The menu will change according to the event...polka band with german menu, Mexican band with Mexican favorites, dueling pianos with steaks and lobster. Signature drinks of the day (fu ll bar)He has restored a late 1800s free standing building...tin ceiling and all..put in a dance floor and a full restaurant kitchen. The community is excited. (My husband and I were in the restaurant business for years with joe theisman in the dc area and later in this..area . with our own sports themed bar and we know the business. He should open the doors by mid april and then look all sorts of entertainment. He would be shocked and thrilled if a star like you could visit...and the town would be beyond excited. tHANKS FOR YOUR TIME..CONTACT ME. I KNOW YOU ARE BUSY..JUST HOPING IF YOU ARE IN THE CHICAGO AREA ( 60 MILES WEST OF THE CITY) AFTER HE OPENS THAT YOU COULD MAKE AN APPEARANCE IN A COMMUNITY THAT NEEDS SOMETHING POSITIVE. THANKS DEBBY

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