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Sunday, May 12, 2013 (284w) 0 Comments  By melodie vobrak

Art's Grocery & Bakery in Erie, PA

why do you only go to the bigger citys? i belive that the smaller towns need some of your clout(being honored to have your presents in their establishment). my home town Erie, Pa. has one bakery that i just LOVE! ARTS BAKERY on West Ridge Rd, close to the Tom Ridge International Airport. (yes the former "Homeland Security Cheif" . They have the best Peperoni bread, Artie-o's, and other sweets. then there's Hyetts restraunt, in the West Erie Plaza. their Rubens are wonderful. Dominiks, down town Erie. Erie could use some help right now. because G E (the biggest employer) is planning on moving out of Erie. if they go Erie is DEAD! thanks for reading my rant. Melodie Vobrak




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