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South Side Soda Shop & Diner

1122 south Main Street Goshen, IN 46526
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  • Posted by Big Tool August 2012

    I would like to give the SSS Shop a much better review as our service was good and the food was good. But our food was just good, nothing outstanding. The ice cream dishes we had for desert were much better. The real appeal might be that part of the restaurant is a traditional diner, or at least a decent facsimile of a diner. The place does need some maintenance. But those criticisms are overblown. The faux tin celing isn't failing down, but it does need to be re-tacked. And the bathroom is not outside-- its off of the vestibule for the entrance.

  • Posted by Paul August 2012

    stopped her on our way to Minnesota from Pa. Wife had a cheese steak and I had a reuben. Excellent ! We also met the owner, super nice guy.

  • Posted by I Eat For Fun July 2012

    Stopped there on our way across country. I thought the cheese steak sandwich was pretty good. My wife got the clam po'boy and it was excellent. This is our third DDD place to eat. Well go back if in the area again.

  • Posted by Moez02 July 2012

    As stated below...We went because of DDD and were somewhat unhappy, don't know how the restrooms ever passed inspections.??? Hubby ordered Phili was ok, but, no great shakes. I ordered the Phili cheese steak, I thought it was good, but, just good. We had friends with us and they ordered the BLT and a reubin, they thought the prices were high. The place is old and lots of history for the locals, but, we probably won't go back there even if we are in the area. First DDD place I have been to that I wasn't so happy with.

  • Posted by pat July 2012

    We went because of DDD and was somewhat unhappy, don't know how the restrooms ever passed inspections, awful !!!! My husband got the Chili which I didn't care for and he somewhat liked it. I ordered a Reubin and it was ok but small. Not bad but over rated

  • Posted by Susan Simpson May 2012

    I went to Parkside Grade School, which is right across the street from The South Side Soda Shop, in the late 1950's.  Ate lunch there often.  Was excited to see it featured on one of my favorite shows

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2012

    The restruarnt was not that great of food. The ceiling was about to fall in. The restrooms were outside. I felt that it was over rated.

  • Posted by Anonymous October 2011

    I was actually just there today for lunch I never thought "GUY" would have gone to that little town in Indiana I am so excited now that I now GUY was there. =-O

  • Posted by Aaron Young August 2011

    Our 2nd DDD GoldWing trip.  The Soda Shop felt upbeat but loud.  The wait staff was harried but in their defense the place was hopping.  We had the clam strip dinner and the philly cheese sandwich.  Clams were tender and the philly was fresh and cheesy.  The french fries were boring but the onion rings were top notch.  I was a little disappointed with the chili.  It had a slightlt bitter after taste, but it was meaty...and I still ate most of it.  Serving it in a coffe cup is a neat idea.  Huge portions - way more than we could eat at one time.  Parking can get interesting, with a motorcycle it was easier.  If we had the car we might have had to park down the street and walk a little...waaaaah.  The menu has an area that shows what foods were highlighted on the show.  Over all it was a good experience.  Goshen is a cool town, very busy traffic wise, and alot of Amish carriages running around.

  • Posted by Anonymous August 2011

    We had the Philly cheese steak, enjoyed very much.  Friend had a chicken sandwich, very greasy! Enjoyed seeing a new part of the country

  • Posted by brian mclaughlin May 2011

    philly cheese steak wasa authentic, right down to the bread.  the sea food feast was everything that a displaced new englander could ask for.  made me think a clambake without the sand.  definate return trip someday.

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2011

    Love this place!  It's everything a diner should be.  My brother and I both ordered sandwiches and both were really excellent.  Parking is a pain, but other than that, no complaints here!

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2011

    We had a bad experience here as well.  Went on a DDD tour and stopped here on the way to Chicago.  They had a muscles and clams bowl on special that my wife ordered.  The clams smelled really bad and so she didn't eat them.  My food was so-so.  The place itself was pretty cool and seemed like a great neighborhood hangout.  But you need great food!!

  • Posted by Anonymous December 2010

    I agree with Echo below.  Dirty place...looks retro - could be cleaned up and made cute. The restrooms were absolutely awful.  Food was lousy.  The only good thing we had was a milkshake. 

  • Posted by Anonymous October 2010

    Four of us met at this restaurant as it was a DDD recommendation.  We were REALLY disappointed.  We were there on a Thursday night, about 7:00.  We were directed to sit at a booth for four that was dirty.  Across from us was another table that was dirty - which the hostess sat somebody else at.  Our waiter took our drink order and didn't clean the table.  Then he came back with the drinks, set them down and said, "oh let me clean this off".   Three of the four of us ordered the "award winning chili".  When he brought the food there was no chili.  About 5 minutes later, he brought half a bowl of what was obviously chili that had been sitting a while and said that was all they had.  Ok, why couldn't he tell us that sooner?  Then he said they were making more and he could microwave us some, but it would take about 5 minutes per bowl.  At this point, what were we to do?  We had parts of our orders and had been there a while, we weren't just going to re-order - of course he didn't offer to bring us anything different.  He finally brought out the chilis with, yes, about 5 minutes between each bowl and then offered to bring more to fill up the first bowl.  The chili was ok, but if it was award winning, how bad were the others?   The other food was okay and we stayed for pie which was pretty good.    Upon leaving, one of us used the washroom and came out ashen faced saying they hadn't wanted to use it, but ...  I can't even imagine how bad the bathroom was to cause that reaction.   All in all, wouldn't recommend the place and won't go back.  Sorry DDD, bad call.

  • Posted by Anonymous September 2010

    What a terrific experience!  We sat at the counter and watched the amazing owner work the grill.  The food was great and the staff was super friendly.

  • Posted by joanne g August 2010

    Best philly steak sandwich( it was so good had to order another one)  and home cut curly fries.

  • Posted by rmtcc3206 August 2010

    South side soda shop was a great adventure. My brother brought myself and our mother to the first DDD we had ever enjoyed. It started our addiction to find any DDD's where we travel. I believe we have 6 or 7 we have visited in various states.The food was great the owner was so friendly visited with him and he told us the DDD story was really neat to hear it first hand. O yes we did try the green soda...well it was an adventure have to try different things!

  • Posted by Anonymous December 2009

    Best sandwich I ever had! Fresh bread and all!

  • Posted by Rocky October 2009

    The South Side Soda Shop has been a favorite of ours for years.  Great food including homemade desserts.  It is a must stop if you are in the area.  Prices are reasonable too.

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