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Taylor's Automatic Refresher RENAMED Gott's Roadside Diner

933 Main Street St. Helena, CA 94574
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  • Posted by Sierra April 2015

    Been here once and that was enough. Line was crazy long and burger wasn't that great. It was also served on bread rather than a bun, which I thought was strange. had to swat lots of flies away from my food. ICK!

  • Posted by Lelannsdad May 2012

    Nothing really special. Burgers okay -- better fries at A&W even. Nice wine store across the street and a good oyster bar (Hog Island) in the building to the, if that tells you anything.

  • Posted by Brittany March 2012

    ok, so i just drove an hour to get to this restaurant. in the pouring rain! lol. my family was a little reluctant to eat there since its an outdoor restaurant, but they had heaters! so it was ok.  my mom and i ordered the spicy chicken sandwich, and it was very good. in addition, i ordered the garlic fries, which were very good. my husband got the double cheeseburger and it was a great size. he was stuffed, and usually is picking off of my plate when hes done with his meal. but not this time! lol. i just want to say, that the food was good. it wasnt the greatest, but it wasnt bad. i think its a bit expensive for the portions. my sandwich, i think should cost around 7 or 8 dollars, but was 10.99....and the milkshake i was VERY dissappointed with. it was almost 7 dollars, and literally just tasted like dryers brand ice cream. i could have gotten a whole gallon of ice cream for 4 dollars....but i payed almost 7 for a small cup? it was a little odd. cilantro seems to be their spice of choice, so if you dont like it, there may be quite of few items you wont like on the menu. overall, the people who worked there were great, and im glad i went, but i would not make a special trip to go again. maybe if i was in the neighborhood.

  • Posted by Janet Perry January 2012

    The name has changed to Gott's. There are three locations: the original in St. Helena, one in the Oxbow Market in Napa, and one in the Ferry Building in San Francisco. Howver, having eaten here since this group took over, I have to say that the quality of the fod has gone WAY DOWN. They are using a far inferior bun and I can think of at least three far superior burgers in Napa Valle (the best is at ABC Bakery in Napa).

  • Posted by Lisa August 2011

    The burgers were tasty, garlic fries were awesome!  Loved the shakes!  Great way to wind down an afternoon of wine tasting.  

  • Posted by Cristina May 2011

    FYI: Taylor's is now known as Gott's Roadside Refresher.  Both signs are present.  There is also a second location in the SF Ferry Bldg (but it lacks the charm of the original).  No fear, the menu and recipes are the same. Food is fabulous...  We're HUGE fans of the Western Bacon Blue Ring, the Ahi burger, and the fish tacos.  The sweet potato fries are to die for.  You need to ask for extra ranch dressing for the sweet potato fries - it's homemade and better than any ranch I've had eslewhere.  Shakes are out of control delish and if you're not tired of wine yet, you can have wine or beer with your burger here. A few things to note.  - This is a burger joint with premium ingredients.  - Less $ than many of the higher-end restaurant options around but if you do it right, you're still going to drop a fair amount of money on lunch.  - If you arrive at 12, expect to wait in a LONG line to order.  It is worth it, but I'd recommend coming early or for a late lunch.

  • Posted by geoff August 2010

    good burgers but don't eat lunch there and then go to the CIA for dinner. we did and we were still stuffed fron lunch.

  • Posted by Anonymous August 2010

    I had dreams about my chicken sandwich for months!!! It was that AMAZING!!!  And the garlic fries are finger licking good.  A must stop!!!

  • Posted by Ron May 2010

    AHI BURGER!!!! What else can I say. It was all that and MORE!! Bottle of White Merlot and AHI..... WOW, what a way to start our visit to wine country!!

  • Posted by kittrasis March 2010

    Taylor's was fun but it's basically a burger joint.  Yes, they make interesting combinations and you can drink wine with your burger but it's still just a burger joint.  Maybe people like it because it's a bit cheaper than most food in the area.  Glad I went but wouldn't make it a destination.

  • Posted by Michelle February 2010

    Best Burgers I have ever eaten! 

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