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Sun Wah BBQ

5039 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640, USA
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Sun Wah BBQ started its journey in New York’s Chinatown where it was crammed into a storefront hardly wider than nine lengths of roast ducks. Its founder, Eric Cheng continually refined his skills as a Hong Kong style barbecue chef here. While Sun Wah did well, it was still a crowded fish yearning for larger oceans. Eric and wife Lynda took their four toddlers and Eric’s mother and made Chicago their destination.

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  • Posted by mlsweeney June 2021

    I had the Roast Pork while my girlfriend had the Sweet & Sour Chicken and we shared Shrimp Fried Rice. The rice came first and was very delicious. I also got to try her Sweet & Sour Chicken and thought it had a fantastic flavor. My Roast Pork came 5-10 minutes later and was, unfortunately, a bit lower than warm. It came from the front of the restaurant instead of where they were cooking in the back so maybe they can coordinate dishes a bit better in the future. I thought the pork tasted good for what it was worth though and the crackling skin is something I've never been exposed to (a nice succulent pork rind flavor). 7.3/10

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