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mfk restaurant

432 W Diversey Pkwy, Chicago, IL 60614, USA
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  • Posted by mlsweeney February 2023

    mfk. Restaurant was absolutely fantastic. We started off with the fried shishitos which are basically roasted peppers and they were delicious. My fiancee thought they were a bit salty so if you're not a salt lover then it might be too much for you. The next level of an appetizer was a Spanish tortilla which included baked cod, shallot, etc. and this was probably both of our favorite dishes. I'd almost recommend just getting two of them if you're getting multiple appetizers. Very soft and delicious. For the final course, she got the hanger steak with vegetable frites and I thoroughly enjoyed her dish when I got to try it. I got the Fiedos which is one of the dishes Guy tried on the show. This was also very delicious with the shrimp, roasted pork, mussels, and toasted capellini (noodles). If I had to give a recommendation I'd say put in fewer mussels and more port and shrimp to balance the dish out since mussels were the least tasteful item in the entire dish. I can't wait to go back in the summer and they promised to bring back Crunchy Prawn Heads from the show as well. 9.1/10

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