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Virginia Diner

408 County Drive N, Wakefield, VA 23888
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  • Posted by C2Cigars October 2014

    Not impressed. Had the collard greens, mac & cheese, biscuit, peanut pie, and chicken tenders. Did not like the taste of the greens. The mac & cheese was just average, I've had better. The biscuit was chewy, not tender. As soon as I cut the chicken tender, ALL the coating fell off. The peanut pie was very good. As far as service and organization, they leave much to be desired. While waiting for a table, the hostess was rolling up silverware in napkins. When a waitress told her she had tables ready, the hostess said she was busy with the silverware and wasn't going to seat anyone until she had more done. She had a good pile in front of her, but I guess it wasn't enough. And of course, a large supply of silverware is more important than a large supply of customers. My other gripe is you have to pay your check at the register in the gift shop. The line of people waiting to pay was a good 20 customers long.

  • Posted by March 2014

    We stopped by on the way back from a golf tournament and we were glad we did. Great southern cooking and the peanut pie was delish! Nice atmosphere, reasonably priced and has a fun gift shop. Stop by, it's worth it. Kenneth Wallace, NC

  • Posted by bob perry September 2011


  • Posted by Gary and Barb Yattaw June 2011

    heading from Indiana to Virginia Beach - stumbled upon the Diner - excellent!!!! 

  • Posted by donna ellis May 2011

    We had to drive an hour but worth the drive, had to wait for a table for 1/2 ht. but also worth it. Food was so good , wait staff was very good also. Would love to go back.

  • Posted by Martin and Carrie Kirsch March 2011

    Hands down without a doubt the best fried chicken we have ever had! We had our sister with us and our 3 kids, we all got the fired chicken and we all said it was the best we've ever had. Our family went out of our way on a drive through Virginia, there were signs for miles leading up to the diner. Our mouths were watering by the time we got there. We also tried peanut pie, and that was good and a fun treat. We talk about making a trip back there just for the chicken and we live in Ohio, its that good.

  • Posted by Mary September 2010

    My husband and I were on our way back from Porstmouth Va, and wanted to give this place  a try since I am a food network watcher.  Now I make homemade biscuits as well and the rave was for there biscuits and ham.  We stopped for the breakfast on Sunday I was so disappointed and let down at the quality of the breakfast my service and server. We ordered from the buffet to sample what they had to offer.   I have never had eggs that look like yellow cottage cheese absolutely awful and the biscuits they weren't bad.  I wished I had ordered off the menu instead.  Overall I was disappointed and will not be visiting there again.

  • Posted by Don and Sheryl September 2010

    Absolutely OUTSTANDING!! The fried Virginia ham is to die for <but don't eat salt for a day before!!> <HA!> The address listed here, however, is incorrect. 322 W Main Street will take you to their "distribution center." The actual diner is located on Route 460, right in the heart of Wakefield.

  • Posted by Helene July 2010

    Best Fried Chicken EVER!

  • Posted by Big Tool July 2010

    My wife and I stopped on the way back from the OBX. We had driven past the Virginia Diner on prior OBX vacations but had never stopped-- although it always seemd to be very busy. Becuaes we saw it on Triple D we stopped on this trip with the intention of trying their buffet. As it turned out, the line of people standing alongside the highway and stretching halfway back to Nags Head was the line for the buffet. So we placed a take out order instead. Because of the lunch-time crowd it took 20 minutes to get our carryout order. But the wait was worth it. I'm not a big "ham fan,"but this was very good ham. (Let me clarify- I eat ham slightly more frequently than somoen whose an observant Muslim or Jew, which is to say, I rarely eat ham. But I would gladly fill my suitcase with their ham biscuits and subsist off of nothing but ham biscuits for a week... or less if the buisuits ran out early.) And, somewhat unexpectedly, I also enjoyed the slice of peanut pie I got for desert.  The prices did reflect a "tourist premiuim." But that's not uncommon for a restaurant that gets so many out-of-towners. Besides, an extra 15% meal tab is a discount compared to prices charged on the OBX. So next trip I'll attempt to beat the crowd and sample the Virginia Diner's buffet, higher prices notwithstanding.

  • Posted by Lorie June 2010

      Great fish and the service was good.  The buffet is not worth the price they charge due to limited options. 

  • Posted by HLL333 March 2010

    Drove over on a recent trip through Virginia.  The food is very typical diner food, but if you drop in for the ham biscuits, you will leave as satified as you have ever been with your food.  I ordered 2 of them, then 2 more.  After finishing 8, I forced myself back into the car to continue my trip (ggod thing I had one of the 8 inmy pocket.  that way, about 1 hour out of town,I didn't have to turn around and go back!

  • Posted by Guest August 2009

    Great place to stop on the way to the beach.

  • Posted by Linda June 2009

    just ok

  • Posted by Bob Schwerin June 2009

    Best  Southern Fried Chicken in this or any other   world,  and the service is outstanding  as well.     Bob

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