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Voula's Offshore Cafe

658 NE Northlake Way Seattle, WA 98105
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  • Posted by reds4me June 2015

    Great food, will go again. The wait is worth it, especially on a nice day, get a cup of coffee outside on the benches and enjoy yourself.

  • Posted by October 2013

    Our last Triple D stop in Seattle while on our Epic Pacific Northwest Road Trip. We were both looking very much forward to this one. I know mom was especially because she would ask me everyday when we were in Seattle when we were going to Voula's. I told here I was saving it for last. We had a great time, sat in area near grill, but didn't get quite the show that Guy got when he was there from Voula's son's. The one son was there, but must have been a down day for him, or because the other son wasn't in to get him going. Food was great, I had the Greek Hobo and mom had the Smokey the Salmon Scramble. Only problem with Voula's is it is very hard to find if don't know your way around Seattle well. Even with the GPS we kept getting recalculated. Though, I think I can blame some of that on the GPS. Is worth it once you find it though.

  • Posted by Eryn September 2012

    To: Guy,
    Well I have to say 1 of the best places to visit in Seattle! My boyfriend surprised me with a trip up there and this is one of the places he took me too. BEST BREAKFAST EVER!!! Thanks.~Eryn

  • Posted by Todd Strobl April 2012

    I was there today and had the Greek Hobo and it was awesome.  Very busy on a late Sunday morning.  But service was great and the food was even better.

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2011

    Had the smoked salmon scramble.  Delicious, rich, and great smokey flavor.  If I lived anywhere near Seattle, I'd definitely be back.

  • Posted by Tim Beach December 2010

    Great food!  A couple of other friends went and we all walked away saying "I'll be back!"

  • Posted by Anonymous August 2010

    Had smoked pork and Chipolte eggs benedict.  It was magical.  I don't eat breakfast and it was by far the best meal I had on my trip.  Make it there.

  • Posted by July 2010

    What a great breakfast place!  We are going - again.  Our son, Robert is coming home from Iraq and is stationed at Ft. Lewis, WA.  We are all going for breakfast there tomorrow!  We can't wait. Your Fan, Charlette Rademacher

  • Posted by Randy & Claudia June 2010

    Just found this blog. Went to Voulas in Fall of 2007 after watching DDD. We were on our first retirement RV trip from Texas. These are the greatest folks who cook the best breakfast to be found...and finding the location is a little difficult. But they talked us down below the bridge as we drove in!  The food is spectacular and the staff was the friendliest ever!

  • Posted by Lauren January 2010

    Come early and dont exspect to wanna eat lunch 8-)

  • Posted by Lauren January 2010

    Amazing love the El Diablo.

  • Posted by Guest June 2009

    Hobo Breakfast, mixed hashed potatoes, meat, eggs and cheese. Very big and very tasty. Several varieties of Hobo Breakfast are available. Greek is the best in my opinion. There is now a Guy's Special Hobo. Success hasn't spoiled the place, but it is very crowded on weekend mornings.

  • Posted by tigs June 2009

    I have eaten at Voula's a couple of times after seeing it on the show.  The first time we were there with a big group, they had no trouble seating us and we tried a lot of things on the menu. They are particularly known for  what they call a hobo breakfast, or a Greek Hobo.  The Greek hobo has gyro meat, hashed potaotes, eggs and feta cheese all cooked together on the flat top. It is HUGe and very good.  All varieties of hobo are huge and good. The surprise thing on the menu is greek yogurt with honey. This is also delicious -- real greek yogurt,not american yogurt.

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