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White Palace Grill

1159 S. Canal Street Chicago, IL 60607
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  • Posted by mlsweeney September 2021

    I had the Greek Chicken from the show with fries, mixed vegetables, garlic bread, and a strawberry shake. The shake was very good with a good amount of strawberry syrup mixed in. Mixed vegetables weren't that great, possibly needed more seasoning. Garlic bread was pretty standard with two pieces and they were pretty tasty. Same with the fries, crinkle cut version and solid addition to the meal. The Greek Chicken fell a bit short of expectations. The meat fell off the bone which was really great but the inside of the chicken came off a bit dry, especially the white meat. 7.6/10

  • Posted by April 2021

    Not a fan. Hard to find parking. Loud and rushed atmosphere. Drafty. Just didn't like the food or the experience.

  • Posted by jenstander December 2013

    This place is really only slightly better than the restaurants owned by the same group. It's really standard diner food. I will go back but mostly because the location is right between the train station and my house, I can get lunch/dinner at 8am on Christmas day, and the service is pretty great. If looking for food around that block, I would recommend heading to Eppel's instead.

  • Posted by Doug January 2012

    My family & i ate here just 'cause we were in the area & wanted to eat. We didn't know it was DDD until we saw the waiter's shirt. It was great food! I ordered the philly steak sandwchich. They put their own spin on it by loading it up with their own chunks of sirloin. Way better than any philly I've eaten in Philly. We'll go again.

  • Posted by Gregg S September 2011

    True Diner Breakfast just the way we like it and priced reasonably for downtown Chicago! We will be back again!

  • Posted by Kaushik Guha June 2011

    Nothing to write home about! Its just another diner! I would say any old place on a highway is just as good!

  • Posted by Patti Tubbs April 2011

    The White Palace is a nice typical diner with all the usual items.  We enjoyed the Chicken and Rice Soup with the bits of peppers, celery and onions.  We ordered the Veal Parmesan and it met the expectations of traditional diner fare.  The veal was nicely breaded and cheese covered the meat nicely.  I thought the sauce was a bit loose and flavorful but not too much garlic.  We also had the Chicken Fried Steak.  The gravy on the Chicken Fried Steak had bits of sausage which made it a treat. The steak was nicely breaded and served with peas and carrots as well as mashed new potatoes.  The new potatoes had a good mouthfeel with the bits of skin.  Remember the short ribs that were featured on Triple D are only served on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

  • Posted by Anonymous November 2010

    Wow, what a disappointment!  Our waitress acted like we were putting her out by being their. This is the first DDD that I cannot recommend and will not return. The food was just okay. Greek chicken had good flavor but was very dry. Vegitables were terrible and salad weak. Waffle and Chicago burger were pretty good. Too many other great places to eat. Tough neighborhood.

  • Posted by Anonymous October 2010

    OMG....we walked 3.8 miles each way for breakfast and it was SO WORTH IT!  Our breakfast was delicious! There were wonderful portions, friendly staff, and excellent overall experience!  Highly recommend! 

  • Posted by angel September 2010


  • Posted by Jim April 2010


  • Posted by Anonymous March 2010

    Had the veal parm like guy and it was very good. We ask the waitress what was item to order the one  to make a good impression and she said the cajun catfish my buddy ordered it at he loved it. great value good food

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