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YJ's Snack Bar in Kansas City, MO
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YJ's Snack Bar

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128 W. 18th Street  Kansas CityMO 

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sKY bURIAL @ YJ's snack bar

YJ's Snack Bar in Kansas City, MO 
sKY bURIAL at YJ's snack bar in 2002 as recorded and edited by John Bersuch.  [...]

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How About You - YJs Snack Bar KC, MO

YJ's Snack Bar in Kansas City, MO 
A beautiful solar eclipse Sunday at YJ's Snack Bar. Bryan Hicks - Bass Matt Leifer - Drums Tj Martley - Piano (  [...]

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YJ's snack bar Kansas City

YJ's Snack Bar in Kansas City, MO 
A typical morning at The world famous snack bar.  [...]

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  1. anonymous
    10/3/2011 10:16:02 PM
    My husband saw this place on DDD took my daughter to a Concert at Arrowhead...We remembered this place so we had dinner it was DANG good we went back for breakfast the next day !!!
  2. anonymous
    7/14/2011 8:48:14 AM
  3. anonymous
    6/21/2011 1:19:34 AM
    Went to YJ's with my sister for lunch.  That afternoon they were serving a Middle Eastern plate.  A little let down that they had sold out of gyros meat and pita bread.  Had the chicken and they put toasted bread on the plate in place of the pita.  There was plenty of food on the plate and it was delicious!!  The couscous was amazing!  I'm hoping to copy that at home.  Has a great vibe and very cozy.  Would have loved to have tried the stuffed figs (as featured on Triple DDD,) but they are seasonal.....maybe next time we are in town.
  4. anonymous
    2/23/2010 7:36:49 PM
    Funky place! This just happened to be the first place my wife and I walked into when we were looking at moving to KC. The people eating were super friendly. After I realized that it was the same place as on DDD I went back for some food. I can honestly say that YJ's is the only place here I order whatever they are making, however they make it and eat some of everything, even if it is usually an item I don't like (figs on the Middle Eastern plate for example.) The food is always good and I like the idea of you get whatever they have. YJ's also takes good care of the local people who may be down and out and just need a big plate of hot food.

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