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2701 1/2 E. Lake St. Minneapolis, MN 55406
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What dish did Guy Fieri eat on the show?

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Reviews (8)

  • Posted by jim February 2013

    Cafe maude on 54th and penn I heard

  • Posted by Dustin June 2012

    Does anyone know if the chef from Town Talk is working at another retaurant and doing a similar menu? The brat burger featured on the show looks amazing, and I wish I would have got a chance to try it out.

  • Posted by Anonymous August 2010

    Mediocre food, service even stingier.  Food not (even) comparable with other DDD spots I've experienced. pay for the trendiness and, unfortunately, not the food or service.  

  • Posted by James Hilfiker February 2010

    Very nice surprise when visiting Minneapolis.  Definitely worth the stop.  Started with cheese curds that were light and airy - nice taste to the batter and homemade bacon-catsup on the side for dipping.  I ordered the Brat Burger as a nod to Triple D and it was delicious.  Another nice surprise was the lemon fries.  I was glad I asked the waiter to surprise me for sides, as I would have never ordered lemon fries on my own, but they were great and I have cravings now that will require another trip to Minneapolis.  The German Chocolate Cake "adult" malt was good.  It was straight to bed after this huge meal!

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2010

    I thought this place was awesome.  Little hole-in-the-wall that serves "adult malts" along with delicious, interesting takes on diner food.  Great service, especially from the bartenders, who have a diverse drink menu, including many drinks with home made infused spirits!  Tasty!

  • Posted by Rick November 2009

    Trendy neighborhood bar and diner that served trendy food.  I had the pulled pork hash with eggs and it was good food but not great.  The place did not fit the incredible food that I have had at other triple D places and the service was okay not great.  I guess if you live in the neighborhood and are a regular it would be okay but will not be on my list to visit again.

  • Posted by Hip Deep August 2009

    Never a bad meal ... always happily memorable ... great fun!

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