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Baby Blues Bar-B-Q

444 Lincoln Boulevard Venice, CA 90291
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  • Posted by RaJa August 2012

    Was in town and wanted to try a triple D spot so we went to baby blues. Had the Memphis ribs- when I picked it up the bone came right out-overcooked but still yummy. I've had better. The Mac and cheese was good but again I've had better. Best Mac & cheese is at famous Dave's BBQ-go there! Mashed potatoes were okay and the cornbread looked good but was kinda odd. Overall I give my experience a 5-6ish out of 10. And kinda overpriced. Service was super fast!

  • Posted by Chad August 2012

    I just stopped there while in town on business, and found this place to be quality from top to bottom, hidden away in a little dive of a location. The pulled pork was perfectly cooked, sauces were unique, and sides were tasty.

  • Posted by Rick June 2012

    Be ready for sticker shock. The food is way overpriced for what you get. The BBQ is okay but not great. I had the Texas Rib and it was a large piece of meat that was okay. The 4 sauces are forgetable (Porno - hot, Hot - mildly hot, Sweet, and BBQ) and none of them are very good. The BBQ actually acts as a complement to the sides that are good. The mac and cheese was good (though warm and not hot), the collard greens were really good, and the cornbread is more like a gingerbread than a dry cornbread (sweeter and moist). The better triple D BBQ can be had at Jay Bee's if you want good BBQ.

  • Posted by Rick June 2012

    Be ready for some sticker shock. Prices are high for the goods.
    This is one place where the sides are the main attraction and the BBQ is the complementary part. The Texas Rib is large but not great. The 4 sauces are forgetable (Porno - very hot, Hot - mildly hot, Sweet, and BBQ) and not very good. What is good are the collard greens which were very good, the Mac and Cheese (though not hot but warm) was good, and the cornbread was very good (tasting more like a gingerbread than dry cornbread) as it was sweet and moist. The better BBQ if you want it at a triple D is at Jay Bee's.

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2012

    Beef ribs are a must.  Meaty, flavorful and tender.

  • Posted by Guy B. December 2011

    Forgot to give a rating.

  • Posted by Guy B. December 2011

    We stopped by Baby Blue's Bar-B-Q's in Novermber of 2010. We didn't get there until late, after 9 pm. The place was still busy. We had the ribs, and tried a couple of different sauces on them. They were excellent. Definitely worth your time. Stop by anytime you are near.

  • Posted by Jacquelyn November 2011

    Took a family drive from Palm Springs to try Baby Blues. Pretty good. They were out of tri-tip, but the baby back ribs and mac and cheese were very good. The pulled pork okay. I didn't care for the beans. My husband loved the catfish. We would go back, if we were in the area, but I don't think we will make that drive again just for this restaurant.

  • Posted by Lisa August 2011

    Ribs were ok, sides were decent, wait was too long and place was cramped.  Decent enough, but I wouldn't go out of my way to go back.  

  • Posted by Katrena April 2011

    The staff was nice but if this is what you call good BBQ you need to come to my house!  XXX sauce had no heat and no flavor.  The other sauces were not good either.  The corn was ok.  My 4 year old ate it, but she would only take one bite of the mac and cheese.  The pulled pork was ok, tender, but with no distinct flavor.  The okra was very vinagree and the greens were in a tomato base. (Who in their right mind with any kind of working taste buds puts greens in a tomato base.)  This was not good!  $29.98 wasted!  And don't even get me started on what they call sweet tea!

  • Posted by Jim P. March 2011

    This was my second visit, every bit as good as the first. The Texas Beef Ribs are to die for, one rib is a meal in itself. Mac and cheese very good, corn and stewed toms are off the chain. This is the best BBQ in SoCal by far!! For those that think Costco ribs are better, well I see where your standards are and feel sorry that you are way down there. Step up to Baby Blues BBQ and see the light. Our 140 mile round trip for dinner here is all worth it, thanks Baby Blues for a great time, atmosphere and awesome BBQ!! @ Kristen, If you want to see a real SoCal dive BBQ try Bludso's or Jay Bees and you will rethink your Costco based point of view post.... I'm just sayin!

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2011

    typical, yuppie LA vibe...too expensive for what it is, and the food is not that great. Being from memphis, I have had far better BBQ!

  • Posted by Frosty January 2011

    A great meal from very casual and friendly staff.  I felt like i was at a family table eating BBQ.  The collard greens, corn bread, mac-n-cheese, and the porno sauce were all fantastic!  The ribs were perfect - soft and smoky with a little bite.  The beef brisket was pulled instead of cut on the bias and kind tasted like smoky pot-roast.  The pulled pork was excellent with the vinager sauce on it, but i wish our serving had a few bits of bark in the pile (i'm being picky now cuz everything was great).  Washed it all down with a couple DosEquis and hopped on a plane at LAX.  It was a perfect ending to an LA visit!

  • Posted by Guy B. November 2010

    I had the Smoked Baby Back Ribs, macaroni and cheese, and the corn. It was excellent. I would recommend it to anyone traveling to or living near Venice California. It was an excellent meal. The staff treated us well even though they were crowded. Do yourself a flavor, visit Baby Blues Bar-B-Q soon.

  • Posted by Jerry June 2010

    Very small, But well worth the wait!  The food was to die for!! We enjoyed this meal so much that we returned 2 days later . That says something when your visiting for 10 days and so many great places to eat in LA area. If your in Venice, this is a must stop. Keep up the "Great Work", we'll be visiting again!!! And for Kristen, some of the greatest foods come from Dives.

  • Posted by Kristen June 2010

    Very small, dirty and noisy.  Food is just OK.  Previous critic is correct - Costco's ribs are better.  Definitely a dive (not worth visiting).

  • Posted by Steve April 2010

    Liked it, but only as follows: Pulled pork and sauce at table were excellent. Mac and cheese good, but not as good as Nickel Diner's Smac and Cheese. BBQ Beans & corn bread were great. Key lime pie was good, but I prefer CPK's. Value is OK, but not great. Portions were not large. If there had been a long wait, I would have been a little disappointed overall. 

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2010

    Loved this place! The ribs are great, but not overly sweet! Save room for dessert, the pecan pie rocks!

  • Posted by Jon Bukosky January 2010

    This place ROCKS!!  We drive all the way from Huntington Beach to throw down ribs!  Jon

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2010

    This place ROCKS!!  We drive all the way from Huntington Beach to throw down ribs! Jon

  • Posted by SILVERJAY57 December 2009

    the best BBQ place I have ever been to!! Bar none!! Worth every second of the 30 minutes for a table!!

  • Posted by Jeremy November 2009

    This place is sick. The pulled-pork sandwich is off the chain. It's cooked to perfection, so tender and flavorful. You need the macaroni and cheese here. It will be the best you ever had. The ribs are great and the bbq sauce has a great flavor. Good Stuff.

  • Posted by Ken July 2009

    Wow, really great BBQ and the Mac N Cheese is to die for.

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