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2692 East County Road E White Bear Lake, MN 55110
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  • Posted by sloroller832 March 2016

    When I first saw their episode on DDD I knew I had to have the spaghetti pie. it did not disappoint. I got through about 2/3 of it at the restaurant but it was just as good when I polished it off the next day for lunch. definitely in my top 5 DDD joints.

  • Posted by FlashBack September 2014

    Baked Mastaciolli with either the meat sauce or meatballs are excellent and get the Italian Fries!!

  • Posted by July 2013

    This is my "go to" restaurant! I pick up food for my dad and I every monday night. They always get it right and the food is sooo good. Try the bacon cheddar cheeseburger pizza. The dill pickle slices make it great.

  • Posted by cpekuri July 2013

    Stopped by for takeout last week. I can't say enough how fantastic the food and service were!! We tried pasta, a goat cheese pizza, breadsticks, and gelato. Every single thing was amazing, all the way down to something as simple as breadsticks. We will definitely be visiting again!

  • Posted by Scott and Jenn from Belton Mo August 2012

    We stopped in last week on quick vacation. Awesome is a colossal understatement! Tried the baked mostaccioli, and the heartstopper pizza. No words to adequately describe how truly great the food, folks and atmosphere is. We are planning another trip that direction solely for a stop at Donatelli's!

  • Posted by Alex May 2012

    This place was amazing!! Fresh yummy Italian food.

  • Posted by Guest March 2012

    Made the trip down for the Jets vs. Wild game in February. Started with the Bruschetta which was awesome. Split the Mostaccioli with meatballs.....was pretty good. The heartstopper pizza smelled and tasted AWESOME! Definitely going back for the game and the grub next year. Our server, Linda...made us feel at home and made great suggestions.

  • Posted by Dustin December 2011

    Another one of my all time favorite DDD locations. Stopped by on my MN DDD Roadtrip in May. Tried both pasta and pizza, which was a little much, but the place is over 6 hours away from home so not sure when will get back. All was amazing. The server was one of the best I've came accross. She was very excited we were in to try the place after seeing it on Triple D. Will have no problem going back here to try more of the menu.

  • Posted by Anonymous December 2011

    had the chance to have a long conversation with the owner. he was incredibly personable and a lot of fun. the food was rich and delicious, not the best i've ever had, but definitely worth coming back again for the food and atmosphere.

  • Posted by Chudman40 August 2011

    Tried this place during the boy's volleyball Junior Nationals in Minneapolis.  We had the baked mostacoli with sausage and the spaghetti pie with meatballs.  Both were excellent but the spaghetti pie really knocked my socks off.  Big portions at great prices.  Owner took the time to talk to us which made the atmosphere something special too.

  • Posted by Debbie June 2011

    Wherever I travel I always make a point of finding and visiting a restaurant from Triple D.  This was one of the best!!

  • Posted by Geno May 2011

    There is a Savoy in Uptown Minneapolis now on 24th and Hennepin

  • Posted by Alymae March 2011

    Donatelli's is absolutely amazing! My family has been eating there since they opened and my parents were young! It's been such a great place to make memories and we'll continue eating there until it closes! Pizza fries are the best! (:

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2011

    The baked Mastacholi is the best Italian dish I have ever had!

  • Posted by Debra January 2011

    This place has the most amazing spaghetti pie!  Went there for our anniversary and the owner gave us the star treatment..the most delicious and biggest hot fudge brownie tower I have ever had!!!  Thanks Triple D for the suggestion!

  • Posted by Debra January 2011

    This place has the most amazing spaghetti pie!  Went there for our anniversary and the owner gave us the star treatment..the most delicious and biggest hot fudge brownie tower I have ever had!!!  Thanks Triple D for the suggestion!

  • Posted by Anonymous November 2010

    Went for diner last night, must try the seafood cannelonni!

  • Posted by geoff August 2010

    gotta have the dunkers, toasted

  • Posted by Anonymous July 2010

    I use to live in MN and we had a Pharmacy on East 6th in St Paul.  Red Savoys pizza is awesome.  Your right it is a dive but great food...

  • Posted by Gus & Cookie June 2010

    This was our 3rd and final DDD stop on our road trip and we really enjoyed it. We could've had anything on the menu and been satisfied...our pasta and sauces were fantastic and while the other half likes a sweeter tomato sauce he still enjoyed it and I loved it...the white sauce was wonderful too. Service was friendly and fast...if you want a good portion of something comforting this place is great.

  • Posted by Bryan February 2010

    I had to try this place, since it was on Triple D. Ordered the Super Heartburn. It was good, but Guy needs to hit Red's Savoy Pizza in Downtown St. Paul. That is the best pizza EVER!!! And talk about a dive! LOL

  • Posted by snowflake January 2010

    Family friendly, great food, huge servings. YUM

  • Posted by BILL December 2009


  • Posted by Rick November 2009

    Great food off the beaten path in White Bear.  Restaurant is in a strip mall and you don't know how big it is until go through the take out order area.  Classic italian restaurant design with really good food.  The portions are huge and I ordered the Rigatoni with sausage and it was very good.  I have heard the pizza is excellent and would order it in a minute if I had the chance.  Good wine with the dinner and a decent choice of wines.  A place you would go back to in a minute.

  • Posted by Brian October 2009

    We went there 2 weeks ago it was such an amazing pizza and the place was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Posted by John Barba January 2009

    Took the family to Donatelli's a couple of weeks ago -- food was fantastic -- kids loved the atmosphere, and the Heartstopper pizza.  Wife had the spaghettie pie -- dined on the leftovers for several days.  I had the mastaciolli dinner -- highly recommended.  We're going back again soon!   Tip -- get there early on a Sunday night -- got seated right away.  Not long after, there was a line out the door.

  • Posted by Rico January 2009

    Yummy Yummy, Donatelli's Spaghetti Pie. When her with my girlfriend on a Sunday night around 9pm. The owner was there saying Goodbye to us. Excellent service!

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