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The Shed

7501 Hwy 57 Ocean Springs, MS 39565
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  • Posted by January 2021

    The Food was awesome, Great Service, Venue was incredible. I can't imagine what this place is like when it is packed and hopping. Worth the 10 hour drive.

  • Posted by May 2018

    Delicious! Top notch! Seconds please

  • Posted by September 2014

    Don't let the bad reviews stop you from going. The BBQ is very good overall. The brisket and sausage were excellent. The Ribs fell off the bone a little bit too easily for my wife and I taste but they have great flavor. The sides were all excellent. The decore makes the Shed a fun place to visit. I would go back again.

  • Posted by September 2014

    I almost didn't go to the Shed because of the poor reviews. I m glad I ignored the reviews and went anyway. This was a fun place. The BBQ us very good and the sides are exellent.

  • Posted by March 2013

    Fun times at the shed. Definitely great atmosphere and looks purposely run down. The BBQ is good, I wouldn't say the best ever, but good stuff. We live in north FL and they opened a location in Destin that is much more polished, and the food is the same. We still go every time we drive by either location.

  • Posted by Sad to say September 2012

    I've tried the Shed twice, once before the fire & resently. For a place that claims to be a BBQ place, my first impression walking up to the place is where's the smell or a smoker doing its magic (sadly there was none). But I still tried it anyway since it is highly reviewed. I have the feeling that they keep all the food on a stern table sitting in BBQ sauce all day. I would give it a 1 star but only for the potato salad, any place that hides their BBQ in sauce, and doesn't offer anything dry is hiding something. I don't recommend, nor will try again.

  • Posted by Jennifer Bryant July 2012

    I had lunch at The Shed today while visiting the area. When I drove up the place looked like a total dump, but I decided to check it out anyway. The posted health score was an "A" so I decided to order. I had the spare ribs with the macaroni salad (which was featured on DDD), and potato salad. The ribs were nothing more than average and the sauce needed a lot more spice as it was very bland. The macaroni salad was tasteless. I don't think it even had salt or pepper in it. The wait was about 30 minutes and the food was less than appealing. I wouldn't recommend visiting the shed at all!

  • Posted by Glamorousjezzie May 2012

    we stoped by a couple weeks ago me and five of my girl freiends the make shift resturant wasnt so great but man did the food make up for it. the portions were huge and the flavor was amazing my beef brisket melted in my mouth ,if it were closer to home i would go weekly..take a chance its worth it

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2012

    Stopped by on a whim! The business is still open in a makeshift way. Overall, if you know BBQ at all take the hint of the previous rater and eat before you go. If they offered me a meal for free after they get their new building I would try it again, but otherwise......not!

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2012

    The place burn DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Posted by Anonymous August 2011

    Atmosphere = great Ribs = awful ! I ordered the pulled pork sandwich... Very good and was very juicy but an average taste. Had an "okay" smoke flavor and an "okay" BBQ sauce. The beans were good but just tasted like Bush's beans doctored up. The RIBS.... Awful! I don't know if my husband got a bad batch, but on a Friday at noon they should have been amazing. Yes they fell off the bone but then the bone crumbled has well. Its has if they were over cooked and then the tried to revive them with a foil water bath! For a person who hasn't eatin' much BBQ I would defiantly recommend it, but for those who are experienced smokers I would eat before going to enjoy the great potato salad and cold beer.

  • Posted by Anonymous July 2011

    The sampler platter is a great buy.  When they first bring it to you, the carry-out container doesn't look that big.  Amazing how much food they can cram in there.  Plenty of food for two, plus, you get to try all their specialties.  The mac salad is great, as advertised, but the potato salad may be better.  The beer is ice cold.  Definetely worth a visit if you're passing by on I-10.

  • Posted by Anonymous July 2010

    my son and i are from Danville Pennsylvania and are going on a college visit to ole miss and we taking alittle side trip to The Shed

  • Posted by Crowe June 2010

    Me and the hubby took a vacation to Biloxi, Ms from Alpine, Al.  Love watching DDD and thought I'll go to "The Shed" after seeing it on "Food Network"!  On arrival it looks just like a junk yard but alot of cars were parked so I was anxious  to see the inside.  There were two lines that moved along well, the staff was very friendly.  There isn't much room on the inside to dine but plenty outside.  After placing our order the wait time was about 15-20 mins...didn't seem like it really because the decor played with my eyes...Me and my husband was advised by a frequent visitor to order the Jumbo Sampler...we did just that and it was was plenty enough for the two of us...with 7 different meats, three sides, and bread...we had enough for dinner that night...the food was very no other BBQ we have tried...the meat falls right off the bone...the baked beans were the best side but I had to try the potato salad and macaroni salad which too was good...I will def. return...someone in Alabama need to buy a franchise...they sell them... :)

  • Posted by Sam Mertes May 2010

    I'm from Dallas.  Lived in Memphis.  I KNOW barbecue!  Ended up in Mississipi on a mistake by condo group.  Came upon this BBQ place.  Realized it was on DDD.  THIS FOOD IS AMAZING!!!  RIBS=OUTSTANDING!!  PULLED PORK=FANTASTIC!!  BRISKET=DELECTABLE!!  MAC SALAD=HEAVENLY!!  POTATO SALAD=SCRUPTIOUS!!  Went back 2 more times; 3 times in one week.  Seriously considered driving the 9-10 hours JUST to go to THE SHED!!  GO THERE, GO THERE, GO THERE!!!  SHEDELICIOUS!!!

  • Posted by MicksM8 March 2010

    We were lucky to have gone there just before Katrina on a tip from the desk clerk at our motel and were we ever glad we did. She told us not to expect a fancy place and we almost missed it, it was so like its name. They were having some kind of special party and they just shooed us right in and said not to worry about paying.  The ribs were succulent, the homemade bread hot from the oven, the beer so icy it hurt and I STILL am trying to figure out how they did those beans!  We are from KC and we know good BBQ and this was hands down the best we've ever had.  The staff was outrageously nice - we were so happy to hear that they came back after the hurricane. What a loss it would have been if they hadn't.   

  • Posted by FormerFP March 2010

    Excellent for this style of BBQ.  Loved the "ambiance" or lack thereof.  Service is fantastic. We were there for lunch.  I bet it is hoppin' when they have music on the "stage."

  • Posted by HLL333 March 2010

    Drove over on my last trip to New Orleans.  Oh, my God!  The place is not to be believed.  The most aptly named place on the show!  But after you get over the looks of the place, you realize that the food is unbelievably great (you gotta try the ribs!) and the beer selection can keep you in town for weeks at a time.  DO NOT miss this place

  • Posted by mandm March 2010

    Awesome food (bbq), cool place (looks a bit like a junkyard)!  Get the sampler so you can try one of everything!

  • Posted by Linder March 2010

    We were fed at the Shed on 3-1-10. Comments were right on as far as the ribs. They were probably the best I have ever eaten.  My husband choked on the stringy brisket and could not even finish his meal.  The pasta salad was totally over rated.  The mayonaisse was greasy and the whole thing was blane, just tasteless. The potato salad was ok. When in the area again I will go back to the Blow Fly Inn instead.  The staff was not very friendly at the Shed.

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2010

    best bbq around, if you go I suggest getting the jumbo sampler you recieve at least one of everything bbq they have to offer.

  • Posted by Carolyn & Murray January 2010

    We were waiting for The Shed to open for lunch today.  did not dissappoint!  Pulled pork, mac salad, potato salad and beans were outstanding.  Thought we were pulling into a junkyard!  go there!  1 minute off Rt 10

  • Posted by Faith Periwinkle. January 2010

    i had the ribs and it was the best! it was my first time going to the shed but i got a shirt for a souvenier. it was the best. no other food place can make better ribs than the shed! its the truth(:

  • Posted by Tammy November 2009

    Awesome! The BBQ is great and service is great! The place is an eclectic dump with a little bit of everything decor! A campfire with smores and the best BBQ I ever had! The baby back ribs were great! I really liked the BBQ chicken and pork and the beans! The mac salad everyone raves about, sorry Guy, but I wasn't just was way to mayonaissey for me...but I'm not a big mayo kind of girl! The music was great too and the staff extremely friendly! My boyfriend loved the BBQ baby back ribs and the beans the best! We flew into Gulfport just to go here and it was a hit! Thanks DDD!

  • Posted by Mark Dale October 2009

    I got "fed at the shed" on 10/4/09 and the BBQ is off the chain!  Best I ever had!!  Definately a funky little joint & will be back anytime I go within 30 miles.

  • Posted by Guest September 2009

    :)  like i said; the   BEST baby back ribs ever! i will be back at the shed. the shed sure fed me. their moto " Get Fed At The Shed"

  • Posted by Guest September 2009

    has the best ribs ever!

  • Posted by Guest July 2009

    Best BBQ and potato salad EVER!!!

  • Posted by Guest June 2009

    Great BBQ and Sides.  Best Brisket I have had

  • Posted by Pyrate36509 June 2009

    You can't get any better than The Shed.  The BBQ is amazing.  Be sure to try the Wangs and don't forget the Mac Salad!

  • Posted by Mar and Bernie April 2009

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