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The Original Vito and Nick's Pizzeria in Chicago, IL
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The Original Vito and Nick's Pizzeria

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8433 South Pulaski Road  ChicagoIL  60652

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The Original Vito and Nick's Pizzeria

Outside looking at the logo  [...]

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Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives goes to Vito & Nicks Pizza in Chicago

The Original Vito and Nick's Pizzeria in Chicago, IL 
Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives goes to Vito & Nicks Pizza in Chicago.  [...]

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Diners Drive Ins And Dives: Vito & Nick's Pizzeria in Chicago

The Original Vito and Nick's Pizzeria in Chicago, IL 
Something From Everywhere episode DV0506H They go to Vito & Nick's...  [...]

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    [email protected]
    6/1/2016 6:12:21 PM
    I wanted to try the Egg pizza but they only serve it on Fridays. I ended up trying the sliced beef pizza and it was great. Their thin crust pizza is fantastic and worth a visit if you're in the chicago area. Just make sure you bring cash because it is a cash-only estatblishment. 8.6/10
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    [email protected]
    1/28/2014 6:41:30 PM
    Nothing special is the best way to describe it. The southside atmosphere was nice, but we waited an hour for pizza with the restaurant being only a third full. And the pizza didn't taste good. Cheap beer on draft. I'm positive there is better pizza out there.
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    [email protected]
    1/12/2014 9:26:10 PM
    Just finished adding a comment, then I read some of the others & all I can say to most of these people is; you all need to get out more often, experince more different things, open up your mind, your taste buds & stop trying to compare stuff to your own home town favorite's, grow up & Explore more with a childs mind, stop judging so close to the cuff of what you already have deemed to be the one & the only. Just live life. SJ Bob
  4. Gravatar image
    [email protected]
    1/12/2014 9:08:07 PM
    1/12/14 - Short, of the Long, of it; For me personally, I loved the Deep fried Pepperoni w/ Egg & Cheese Pizza, (good thing I was OTR working for this one) Awesome Place, really nice people. Yea the place is old, but tha's part of the charm & fits them in perfectly with my personal favorite "the Dive" good food & people make all of that go away. Can't wait to bring the wife next time & try a new pizza creation, like the people next to me Diced Tomato's & Shrimp, or maybe I'll asked them to try & reproduce the Ping Pong Bacon & Clam pizza. I'm a Triple "D" Fan, I'm a Over the Road (OTR) truck driver, the wife & I are RV'ers, we like to tour this country the way it is meant to be done, heading out to find good local wines, good local food, with good site's along the way, and then there is the people, the local interesting people, Dam glad to be an American & Free to do all of these things. I would like to thank John the bar tender, the 2 great couples I meet that night, & the manager for a great evening. South Jersey Bob, go Truckers. Truckers, if you can get yourself in the area (weekends / evening hours) there is a CVS across the street that should fit a rig or 2, otherwise Bob-Tail & there is also a McD's (free wi-fi) right next door, worth the short trip off of 57.
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    [email protected]
    11/30/2013 11:45:31 PM
    If you love thin crust this is very good. If you want thick or pan go somewhere else. We loved it. We didn't get the beef or breakfast pizza we just got our usual toppings and it was worth the drive. 11-30-13.
  6. anonymous
    1/18/2013 9:34:52 PM
    Vito and Nicks is one of the better Chicago pizza joints and there are a lot of pizza joints in Chicago. We passed around 70-80 pizza parlos on the drive to V&N's, and we only live 7 blocks away. (OK, I exaggerate, perhaps 2 dozen parlors passed during an 8 mile drive.)
    We tried the egg & pepperoni and the Italian beef. Both were interesting novelties that I'd get again.
  7. anonymous
    1/8/2013 5:54:40 PM
    Vito & Nick's is on facebook now; just look up "Vito and Nick's."This place is an old family tradition. :) The shag carpeting wall and other ambiance adds to the hole-in-the-wall coziness. This is a place where you'll find families of all ages, kids and coaches celebrating an after-sporting event, nuns sharing a pint of Old Style, folks coming in from work, for a snack, to watch a game or chat with other folks, or just come alone for really, really great food. The mood is relaxed and casual, and so is the dress code; if you're wearing a shirt and shoes, it'll do. People come here and get down to business: pizza.The cracker-thin crust and the beautiful homemade ingredients are the siren's song; among my foodie family & friends, this is our Michelin-standard mecca for pizza. For our taste bias, we prefer savoury, salty, oregano, garlic, and spicy; if you can't live without a bucket of sugar in your sauce, you may like Palermo's nearby in Oak Lawn, or any of Chicago's deep-dish tourist joints. And if you like good Italian sausage, you must have it here; it's made fresh nearby, with the same tasty, casing-less, fennel-loving recipe from when they opened years ago. I really wish Guy would have tried their famous sausage on his pizza, or the mouthwatering, juicy sausage burger with fresh onion, instead of eggs (which he normally doesn't like); he would have been over the moon! I intend to try other menu items like the egg and roast beef pizza, and the Friday Special smelts. I've had their roast beef sandwich plenty of times, and it is the best in Chicago (sorry, Portillos! lol); just melts in the mouth. The sausage burger is by far one of the simplest and best things in Chicago cuisine. But still, when we walk in, the pizza aroma wins. ^_^They have many yummy ingredients. For our Family Classic, this is what we normally order:Small or Large Pizzas (there is no medium), with:Sausage (or anchovies, or no meat; depends on our mood! Usually sausage)MushroomsGreen Peppers (they are pre-boiled, as they should be, to retain their flavour and juiciness; I can't stand places using uncooked green peppers before burning them in the oven); sometimes I'll order double green peppers. If you're fond of green peppers, you'll love them here.Easy Cheese (meaning very light on the mozzarella; just sprinkling enough to adhere the ingredients. We don't want to weigh down that crust!)Extra, extra crispy, with carbonated edges (we like it very well done; the crust is then cut into little crunchy squares of delight!)I'll also get a side of hot giardiniera (spicy pickled veggies) to top my crunchy delights. Pure Heaven! They make their own giardiniera here (hot or mild) and have little bottles available for purchase. If it's not busy in the earlier afternoon, I'll get a salad with house dressing (simple oil/vinegar with Italian herbs) to tide me over. They tend to be quicker when it's crowded.For drinks, maybe an Old Style on tap (to go with the decor), or a bottle of Heineken, or 7up, or "kiddy cocktail" (Shirley Temple). It all tastes of fond memories. :)And come prepared; the original Nick & Vito's on S. Pulaski Rd. "Respectfully Accepts Cash Only."
  8. anonymous
    7/18/2012 12:01:14 AM
    Pizza was really good, and they were filming some kind of Best of Chicago segment when we were there. The cheap Old Style drafts were a bonus...service was not exceptional by any means, but adequate. We had the beef pizza and it was pretty much as the DDD episode showed it and I would order it again.
  9. anonymous
    4/22/2012 1:41:27 AM
    $1 / glass Old Style. I mean, that's four out of five stars right there! Pizza was great: had the house special with anchovies. This is my wife's favorite pizza outside of Italy. 
  10. anonymous
    8/26/2011 9:43:24 AM
  11. anonymous
    8/2/2011 12:44:11 AM
    A Chicago classic, pizza is awesome! Old family restaurant don't go there expecting great service, never had it never will. Go there for great pizza, Old Style beer. Not a pretty place just great food. Fried smelt on Fridays. It's definitely an old south side of Chicago classic
  12. anonymous
    7/22/2011 4:46:45 PM
    Funky place right on the edge of Chicago. Pizza was good, not great or amazing, just good. Not an expensive place or fancy. As others have noted, the servive was slow. The plae had about 10 tabels at 7PM, kitchen time was fine, wait satff was slow.
  13. anonymous
    5/11/2011 2:43:42 PM
    I had almost the identical experience as Fred.  We got there on a Friday afternoon at about 3pm last July figuring it would be less busy.  I was right...there we only 2 other tables.  We had to wait 20 mintues just to get our menus, then another 15 to order.  Then it was another hour and 20 minutes before we got our pie.  Whan it came I was disappointed.  Very average pizza.  They said they had a lot of carry out orders and thats why they were so slow.  But we could see the front door.  We saw 1 person come in for 1 pizza.  What a waste of time.  We are in a city known for deep dish pizza and we go to aplace that specializes in thin crust...what was I thinking.
  14. anonymous
    5/1/2011 12:19:44 PM
    REAL Chicago pizza is thin crust and Vito and Nick's is the best.  Ultra thin crust, lots of Italian Sausage and a taste that can't be beat.  If you're looking for fancy or deep dish go somewhere else. Vito and Nick's tastes best simple with sausage and maybe some onion.  You don't want to lose the flavor of the incredible sausage by piling a bunch of stuff on it.  It's definitely not a Gino's East and Thank God!  And, yes, the interior is out of date but that adds to its charm.  They haven't changed their recipe and the way they serve pizza in well over 40 years and we drive 40 miles one way 3 or 4 times a year just to take in pizza that can't be beat. 
  15. anonymous
    1/25/2011 6:23:39 PM
    Good pizza.  Would have rather had a Ginos East deep dish pizza.  Italian beef was pretty good. We went after we arrived in Chicago after we landed in the airport ( we had to go to South Bend after dinner). On the drive back to the freeway, it was scary.  A bad part of town at night? Yeesh. My mother didn't like it and I will not go back.
  16. anonymous
    1/7/2011 1:55:48 AM
    We went there on a Wednesday 4pm in the summer, and this was the most disappointing place we have been in in a long time. About 6-8 locals sat at the bar, maybe three tables were in use including ours, place was virtually empty. Had to flag down the waitress a few times, almost like she was trying to ignore us (or her tip), the pizza was average AT BEST, absolutely nothing like what we saw on the TV show. Really disappointing, one and done for us with this place.
  17. anonymous
    11/6/2010 12:18:03 PM
  18. anonymous
    9/15/2010 10:29:53 AM
    Great pizza, great atmosphere, great Oldstyle! Ask for Sam if you want quick and friendly service!
  19. anonymous
    8/10/2010 5:42:39 PM
    Anyone going to Chicago should eat here. Excellent food!!!
  20. anonymous
    6/17/2010 12:06:51 AM
     We made the trip from the northern burbs on a Saturday around 4:30. My expectations were for a good pizza and they surpassed that by far.. The best thin crust I have ever had!! Our waitress was very helpfull and friendly. We will make the trip again and again.
  21. anonymous
    3/23/2010 11:42:44 PM
    We are not from the area, but we had to pick-up a passenger at Midway Airport, so we decided to try this place.  It's close to the airport, and we had seen the show from there.  We had excellent service and had the specialty Italian beef pizza.  It was marvelously flavorful, and the extremely thin crust was perfect!  Our waitress was very kind and helpful!  We had a wonderful experience and can hardly wait to return!  M-m-m-m Marvelous!
  22. anonymous
    3/13/2010 11:07:26 AM
    Well not from the area I'm in the military and have the pleasure of traveling the country.  Saw this place on the show and went to try. Don't know if these people down below don not know what a diner drive-in or dive is. These are places that never looked good and service is never great unless you are a regular. So on I go with my review. This Place is different The crust is nice and thin and has the perfect amount of burnt crust to give that smoky fresh cooked flavor. The pizza sauce I thought was really good. From someone that loves spice in their food its not overpowering. If you ever been on the west coast and had Peter Piper Pizza its a better more reformed recipe of their sauce. I had a Pepperoni, mushroom, sausage, onion, and garlic. The sausage is pretty good just to let you know my wife hated sausage on her pizza until she had this place. I had ordered this  around 1:30pm on a friday in there and took about 40 minutes to-go. A little long but oh well I really don't know what the other food tastes like did not order anything else.  Last thing the only thing that I found to be inconvinient is the cash only but all in all if you are in the area try it. I was in my military uniform and thinking I was going to pay around 30 bucks for a pizza I paid 5. Maybe thats why it taste good JK
  23. anonymous
    2/23/2010 4:50:40 PM
    my wife and i went here on a Friday afternoon it was busy but the waitress did her best to make us comfortable the egg pizza was something everyone should try once and the itilian beef pizza was awesome although it was not on the menu when we asked the waitress knew exactly what we were asking for. we had a great experience and will deffinatly go back. also they said that since there was so much demand for the egg pizza that they will make it on any day not just Fridays. we hope this helps
  24. anonymous
    1/23/2010 8:32:18 AM
    I have no idea how anyone would rate this higher than a one star. Our waitress ignored our party of four while we tried to get her attention for additional drinks. Pizza was nothing special, they only take cash and don't provide you with a reciept even when you explain that without a reciept you can't get reimbursed. If you want the egg pizza featured on the show you better go on a Friday night, that's the only day they have eggs. If you want the roost beef pizza as seen on the show you will be disapponted and the waitress will be wondering what you are talking about. 
  25. anonymous
    1/11/2010 6:09:29 PM
    1/1/10 visit - I had higher hopes for this one but placed an order for a medium 2 topping pizza at 2:30 p.m. and waited for over 3 hours!!!  Even worse was everyone around us were waiting that long as well.  No server visits to explain or allow us to order more drinks while we wait. We will not be back to this one.  We ended up eating the pizza in the car and it was not so tasty, flavorless sauce! To bad.
  26. anonymous
    12/11/2009 6:55:43 PM
    Some of the best "cracker" thin crust on the south side
  27. anonymous
    8/15/2009 10:23:17 PM
    Started going there about 1981.   Some of the best thin crust pizza I have ever had!
  28. anonymous
    8/12/2009 4:26:45 PM
    Nothing special...better than average southside pizza place.  Go across the street to Angie's...not as old, but better pizza.

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