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Valencia Luncheria

172 Main Street Norwalk, CT 06851
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  • Posted by Seattle Joe December 2012

    Terrible Service! I drove a hour to sample this restaurant and when arriving I received the worst service I have ever received from a DDD spot! I sat at the bar and waited for 10 minutes for the bartender to even realize i was there and she never did. I waited so long, It was comical! I looked for staff or hostess at the front entrance and of course - there was none! I will never go back to the hole in the wall, stuck up restaurant!

  • Posted by Jessica Drozd July 2012

    This place was fantastic! They moved their location from the one in the video. From what the waiter (all spoke English btw) said, It's been at the new location for 2 months now, (the address is correct on their website) which is bigger. We had never had an arepa before, but had to try them. Ordered the Domingo, Domino and Carne Mechada (shredded beef). All three were fantastic. The beef was ridiculously a thick stew with great flavor (not at all bland). The domingo...perfect (would be great for breakfast with an egg!) We also tried the empanadas (three cheese)- a little smaller than hoped for, but loved the crispy not soggy quality and taste of the dough. I order a turkey club for an entree, which wasn't anything special (but turkey clubs never are) and my boyfriend ordered the arepa combo where we got to try the best plantains we ever had. The mango iced tea, was sooo good. Came with sugar cane in it (a first for me). Every table has their own simple syrup bottle (how awesome is that!!!??) The spicy sauce on the table was HOT. The green sauce was delicious and we put it on everything!
    They serve liqour too. My boyfrein was able to order a 16oz bud for a good price (don't remember how much), and it was kind of cool that it came in a bag. We had a good laugh at that.I'd give this place more stars but it only let me choose one :(

  • Posted by HazyDavy May 2012

    Had a good pulled pork sandwich and rushed in and out, was busy and crowded. It's just OK. Try a small little place on East Avenue just north of the East Norwalk Train station, I was the only person who spoke English, besides on server. Here's where the fresh mex lives these days.

  • Posted by Mel September 2011

    Seriously have any of you had Real Spanish food? This place sucks! The food is bland and the portions were really small.  How could anyone pay $4.00 for a dry empanada made in a Goya disc (which is purchased at 10 for $3.00)?  The food had no salt and coming from an actual spanish person who grew up eating spanish food, the place is a flop!  The owner needs to go back to Venezuela so they can teach him about SPICES!   You want to taste true Spanish cuisine walk into a Spanish food place where actual Spanish people are eating!  If they approve of the taste, then obviously it is as tasteful as home cooking!!!!  Come on people would you eat in a chinese restaurant in China Town, NY where not 1 oriental person is eating there?  I am with Chris on this one!  Guy, how much did they pay you for this review???

  • Posted by Chris September 2011

    not at all satisfying, especially when i drove an hr and a half from jersey city. should of know it wasnt gonna be good when i walked in w my wife and saw all nationalities but spanish. the empenada wasnt even made fresh. its the pre-made goya ones in the bag. my wife noticed them on her way to the bathroom as she walked through the kitchen. the black bean soup. BLAHHHHHHH. just black beans and a dolop of sourcream. no flavor what so ever. not even salt or pepper added to it. WTF !!! i had the shredded chicken arepa and my 5 yr old had the beef. both were dry and full of flavorless flavorings. yumm. the platter i ordered was a mix. it came with a soup, 1 arepa, 1 empenada, rice nd beans, maduro, a slice of avocado, and civiche, for $16. def not worth $16. we were served a tablespoon full size portion of the civiche. come on really. how stingy can you be. the batido was ok however. all in all, Guy you need to get your taste buds serviced or stop doing favors or taking payoffs. you want real spanish food come to jersey. Try N. bergen, N.J. they have real spanish food there. not the stuff i ate tonight. Guy im looking to be re-embursed for my gas, tolls, and food $. people stay away unless you like bland spanish stuff. Sorry Guy, you failed that one.

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2011

    Hand's down the best.  I would drive from Baltimore to eat there--it's that good.

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2011

    Ate here in January 2011, ordered 2 Pernil's...very unique and different.  However, the buns actually drip in grease (as they are deepfried), and left me feeling like garbage the rest of the day.

  • Posted by Kristen March 2010

    I love going to this place! Not far from family, and I always make a stop here when I can. The pulled pork sandwich is my favorite. The "green sauce" is amazing. Glad to have learned about this place on one of my favorite shows. Yum!

  • Posted by bryan January 2010

    Was hands-down THE BEST "SANDWICH" of my life.....sauce was outstanding!!!!!!!

  • Posted by luauboy December 2009

    unbelievable .... off-the-hook ...

  • Posted by M July 2009

    Really nice food, but very poor ambiance. Tiny place, so quite often you have to wait more than 30 minutes to get the table. They do not take reservations, so you have to wait outside (it is not the best part of the town...) Also, kitchen is not separated from the dining area, and there is no AC to take care of cooking "oily" smell, so your clothes get really stinky everytime you stay there more than 15 minutes. Taking all of that into account, if you really want to try their dishes, I would recommend taking to go.

  • Posted by dave May 2009

    Went there this weekend, and it was great!  The food really was like an orchestra where no one is taking a solo, and that green sauce is amazing.  

  • Posted by Wufpack007 April 2009

    Just went here today and it was AWESOME!  Had the "Real Deal" arepa (chorizo and mozzarela) and a chipotle empanada.  Will definitely be going back!

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