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Glenn's Diner CLOSED

1820 W. Montrose Ave Chicago, IL 60613
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  • Posted by mlsweeney August 2018

    I had the blackened barramundi and it tasted exceptional. It came with a potato pancake and asparagus which were also very good. The fish came topped with a key lime honey butter which really enhanced the flavor. I wish the honey butter was more evenly spread but it still made most of the fish great. The bottom was blackened giving it a crispy edge while the fish itself was soft and flavorful. Will go here again. 9.4/10

  • Posted by teamdcsunshine July 2012

    I forgot to give stars, i would give them 4 stars!

  • Posted by teamdcsunshine July 2012

    Thanks Guy, this is a fantastic place. We might want to let people know that reservations are suggested, they took care of us without them but it would have helped them if they would not have had to "fit" is in. We were seated quickly and the service was great. The steak and eggs were the best we had ever had!

  • Posted by Gigi February 2012

    Ciopinni is the reason to go but the crab cakes were fresh & delicious.  Had to sit at the bar, absolutely no seating in the restaurant.  Call ahead to get a reservation or else expect to wait a uber-long time.

  • Posted by Stacey January 2012

    We stopped at Glenn's based on the fact that it was featured on DDD. They no longer serve any of the food that Guy had highlighted. The food was very good, but outrageously priced. We did not expect to spend almost $140. on a lunch!!!

  • Posted by natasha May 2011

    5/17/11  Glenn's is the best.  We go there about once a month or so and no one can beat their Frenh Onion soup!  All of their fish is fresh and well cooked and their AUCE king crab will leave you stuffed!!! Their pancakes are great too and a great side dish. A must try!

  • Posted by Jenn January 2010

    1/2/10 - I had the Jambalaya, it had crawfish, shrimp and spicy sausage.  Very good!  Rick had the french toast, he's not a fan of the seafood!  It was tasty as well.  But I will be back to try more of the fish.

  • Posted by Rio March 2009

    We both had fish. My trout was really good, salad was great, soup a bit thick for a cream base. My husbands catfish was super......and his chowder was excellent.

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