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Di Pasquale's in Baltimore, MD
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Di Pasquale's

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3700 Gough Street  BaltimoreMD  21224

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DiPasquale's sign

In front of the DiPasquale sign  [...]

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Wooden Chef

DiPasquale's Wooden Chef welcomes you  [...]

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Water Bottle

water for the table comes in a cool bottle  [...]

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DiPasquale's meat Arancine  [...]

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DiPasquale's Italian Market

Di Pasquale's in Baltimore, MD 
DiPasquale's featured as the Best of Baltimore.  [...]

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Sosteniamo Pasquale di Nuzzo al concorso Fanta per AMICI

Di Pasquale's in Baltimore, MD 
E' GRATUITO E MOLTO SEMPLICE: 1. Andare sul sito 2. Cliccate su FINALE 3. Scegliete appunto: Pasquale Di Nuzzo sulla voce "v...  [...]

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Medvedev di Pasquale French Open 1999

Di Pasquale's in Baltimore, MD 
4th round Andrei Medvedev vs. Arnaud di Pasquale.  [...]

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L'arcusgi di Pasquale - Ponte Novu, 1769

Di Pasquale's in Baltimore, MD 
La Corse était dominée par la République de Gênes depuis 1284. En 1729, broyé par les injustices et les vexations le peuple corse se souleva contre cette rép...  [...]

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  1. anonymous
    7/25/2012 7:04:46 PM
    Not only is it hard to find a place to park, but there is precious little space to sit inside, but deal with it. You gotta try this place. Not only is the food good, there is just so much to see in this place. There are shelves full of goodies you can buy and take home. We actually bought some fresh made lasagna noodles and went home and made our own lasagna.
  2. anonymous
    11/14/2010 7:46:11 AM
    This has to be the best of 3D spots I have visited so far.  Parking can be a pain but the food is well worth it.  I had the eggplant lasagna and took lots of sides back to my hotel room to live off of for the week.  The fresh mozzarella is the best I have ever had.  The prices are fabulously inexpensive. The Detroit area Italian markets should have to go here and take lessons!!
  3. anonymous
    7/30/2010 9:15:18 PM
    great meal,very great meal,I tried the lasagna and bought lot of stuff after for the road,there sandwich are amazing and try the olive stuffed with procuitto awesome
  4. anonymous
    6/6/2010 8:02:43 PM
    I've been there3 times and everytime is better then the last. I try and g0 everytime I'm in Baltimore.
  5. anonymous
    3/19/2010 4:51:22 PM
    Wow!  It is hard to find something here that isn't outstanding.  And picking one item to try is a very hard choice.  I suggest closing your eyes and pointing to the menu.  It's that good, you can't go wrong!

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