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Dor-Stop Restaurant

1430 Potomac Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15216
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  • Posted by Anonymous February 2012

    where else did you go? there's only 3 Pittsburgh restaurants listed here

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2012

    two blocks? o my gosh

  • Posted by Guest February 2012

    I really can not say enough about this place. We're from out of town and had gone to Nadine's (another Triple D spot which scared the bejeezus out of us) the night before. This place completely redeemed our views on Pittsburgh as the staff were AMAZING and the food even better. We split the banana oatmeal hotcakes, Lori's French toast, and Guy's Jambot and they were all delicious. We happened to be sitting at the back and Lori was working at the station right across from us. She talked to us on and off the entire time we were there and she's every bit as awesome as she comes across in this video. I've been to about 10 Triple D places now and this one is definitely one of my favs :)

  • Posted by LMRH July 2011

    It does not get any better than this!  The pancakes were light, flavor-filled, HUGE, melt-in-your-mouth.  The 'Jambot' was EXACTLY like my Sicilian Nonna used to make...I nearly licked the plate.  Coffee is delicious....I dream of this place - too bad I live in Dallas, or I would be here every week. 

  • Posted by KerryandGreg March 2011

    Drove to Pittsburgh this weekend to try this DDD restaurant.  Wasn't as great as I've read on some of the reviews.  Parking situation is nothing less than horrible.  Had to circle the block twice to finally find a parking space two blocks up the side road.  Had a short wait for a table.  Waitress tried to be laid back and humorous, but just kinda bordered on rude.  Food was good but nothing better than I could get at home an hour away.  I had the jumbot.  Again, good but nothing spectacular.  Fiancee had pancakes.  VERY heavy and filling.  Guess we prefer our pancakes lighter.  Not sure we'll visit again but happy we gave it a try.

  • Posted by Dan B January 2011

    Watched the show and loved it.  It was so natural.  I live in Pittsburgh and never heard of the Dor Stop until the show. This place is great.  I had the bananna oatmeal hot cakes and sausage they were terifficc!!!!. My friend had Guy's jumbot it was sooo good. I have found a home.  Thanks Guy

  • Posted by John H December 2010

    I have been wanting to try this place since first seeing it on DDD, So this morning i finally got to. This place looks like a little hole in the wall but the servers are awesome and the food is even better. I had the raspberry stuffed french toast with sausage and a side of one pumpkin pancake. This was by far the best breakfast i have ever had. Awseome place to go if your ever in the area, or within a hundred miles for that matter.

  • Posted by Anonymous October 2010

    Made the trip to Pittsburgh just to visit some of the spots from Triple D episodes. My husband said his pancakes were the BEST he ever had. The homefries are to die for! Go with an empty stomach prepared to leave with it stuffed and satisfied beyond belief!

  • Posted by Anonymous August 2010

    Great raspberry-stuffed french toast.  Definitely a local hang out with good wait-staff and a great vibe.  We will go back again!

  • Posted by Frances Kranik August 2010

    Go to the Dor-Stop hungry AND prepared to share. My friend and I got the Jumbot and the Raspberry Stuffed French toast and shared both - the French toast was more like dessert. All very good. We also had someone order the pancakes - they were good, smelled good - but wow - stick to your ribs! The Raspberry Stuffed French toast is not health food, but when you are ready to splurge a bit - this is so worth it!

  • Posted by jvangord May 2010

    If someone said the pancakes are to die for, I think they got their preposition wrong...die 'from' is more like it.  The pancakes taste like they are made from an add-water only mix and are so heavy and thick that it's a waste to order more than one.  The secret to good pancakes is to use buttermilk, eggs, milk, butter or oil and then flour or mix.  These pancakes were yellow and like paste.  Ugh.  Give me Perkins or I-hop any day.  Otherwise, the coffee was a little weak, but always topped off.  The scrambled eggs were hot and good, the German potato pancakes were almost as good as mine (but had a sweet taste almost like they had refrigerated the potatoes and the starch turned to sugar), the ham off the bone was good, and the bacon was soggy-not crispy. The atmosphere made up for the meal. Average.

  • Posted by Travelinbob December 2009

    The Raspberry French Toast is the reason to drive 1000 miles to the Dor Stop.  My breakfast stop the day after every Steelers game.

  • Posted by Andrew November 2009


  • Posted by RedBear October 2009

    Today we stumbled into the Dor-Stop by accident, and what a fortunate thing to happen.  The apple cinnamon pancakes were amazing!  The omlette (Guy's version) was heaven!  And I'm a bread lover.  I'd return just for the italian bread toast.  Nothing like that back home in California where all you can get is sourdough.  It was an amazing meal.

  • Posted by Steph October 2009

    I recently went to the "Burgh to visit my friend and she took me here for bfast!  It was GREAT-the food (choc chip, oatmeal pancakes, raspberry stuffed french toaat), the people, and the atmosphere!  Would highly recommend it and I will be going again when I'm in town!! 

  • Posted by Anonymous October 2009

    I loved this episode. It was so natural. I had a chance to talk to Vicki and ask what you are really like. She gave you a thumbs up and she really did get flour on you.  What we see is who you really are. You are great I never miss a show and the breakfast was fantastic. The hot cakes are like no other. I will return

  • Posted by Gerry October 2009

    :)   This is a must stop.  The Hot Cakes are wonderful and we had other entrees was not disappointed. It was wonderful.  They also have a guest book for customer who are from other places than pittsburgh which we signed. Nice touch Next Time have the Potato Pancakes can't beat them

  • Posted by KELLY October 2009

    We  Recently in Pittsburgh from cleveland and saw the show  had to stop.  It was everything and more than I expected.  The hot cakes are the BEST I have ever had and the Jumbot was great, the Raspberry French Toast was a killer.  Thanks Guy I will stop there every time I come to Pittsburgh.

  • Posted by Karl Semon September 2009

    I could only give them a 5 because a 10 wasn't available! Love this place, The Jambot was AWSOME! My lady had the Eggs Benidect, she said it was the best she ever had! The owner was great, and I loved the atmosphere! I will stop every time I'm through the area, only wish it wasn't a four hour drive to get there!

  • Posted by Guest July 2009

    We were recently in Pittsburgh for a couple of baseball games. we have watched Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives we love the show. So we had to check it out. Everything that we had was very good. Thanks Guy

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