Blue Plate Diner in Salt Lake City, UT

Blue Plate Diner

 February 10, 2009  12 Comments  33615 views





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  1. Anonymous
    Tuesday, February 10, 2009
    Neat decor. Lousy service. Turkey sandwich w cranberry was alright. Lots of white meat. Just will not return because of the lousy service. Seemed like we were an inconvenience to the serving staff
  2. Anonymous
    Tuesday, February 10, 2009
    Stopped for breakfast with my girlfriend, food was excellent, however, service very much below par. Our server Ruthie had walked back and forth behind the bar before finally coming over after I had to ask the manager if there was anyone going to serve us. aybe too early for her, but she looked confused and our table along with three others in her section weredisappointed with her service. Would go back again, but not going to sit in Ruthie's section.
  3. Anonymous
    Tuesday, February 10, 2009
    The Wife and I stopped here on July 8th on our way back home to Norcal. Since we ate at 1 DDD restaurant in Denver we looked up one in Salt Lake and picked this one. I had the meat loaf with horse raddish mashed potatos and it was all excellent and like everyone said HUGE portions. I suggest if your in Salt Lake City you must stop by and have a bite to eat.
  4. Anonymous
    Tuesday, February 10, 2009
    Corned beef hash is great! Portions are monstrous! 
  5. Anonymous
    Tuesday, February 10, 2009
    the atmosphere is great, the food definitely is worth the wait, and their brunch menu is off the chain. my personal favorites are the chicken fried steak, the build your own omelet with spinach, havarti, and bacon (or ham) but everything is good here. we go here all the time and the staff is amazing.
  6. Anonymous
    Tuesday, February 10, 2009
    Very unique place and the people in here was fun to talk to.  I had the Green Chile Verde and the only thing wrong was that it did not have enough pork but the flavor was great.  My friend had the Hash and she said it was great, I tried some and it was.  Out of the way a little from downtown and 20 bucks for a cab ride but very good.  Want to go back and try the Salmon
  7. Anonymous
    Tuesday, February 10, 2009
    I stopped here on  a cross country road trip and had my first ever huevos rancheros here, and they were so unique, delicious and hearty that I haven't been able to find a place to top them since. Huge portions, very creative twist on a favorite dish.
  8. Anonymous
    Tuesday, February 10, 2009
    Amazing Benedicts available, and the Corned Beef Hash is serious. The wait is just too much for a guy who wants to eat when he gets there, and not an hour later. I've been there 4 times, and tried to eat there 2 more times, but wasn't going to wait. Sunday, the line was literally down the street.
  9. Anonymous
    Tuesday, February 10, 2009
    This has got to be THE best place for breakfast.  The Corned Beef Hash is the ultimate!!  The place was packed and more were waiting outside by the time we left.  Excellent food and service.  I often daydream about going back there and what I will order.  I can't wait to get back there in a couple of months.
  10. Anonymous
    Tuesday, February 10, 2009
    I had the SMA Benedict (Spinach, Mushroom, and Avocado).  It was great.  The home fries (large squares of hash browns) with onions was really good though the onions were really strong on this day.  Comfortable atmosphere like an old time diner.  I am sure anything you ordered here would be excellent and the ambiance is great.
  11. Anonymous
    Tuesday, February 10, 2009
    Visit 5/30/09 - Sat outside, enjoyed the mushroom, spinach, avacado eggs bene, Amazing!  Rick had the turkey sandwich and horsradish mashers.  Love the ecclectic crowd!
  12. Anonymous
    Tuesday, February 10, 2009
    More like the third D. College age crowd with trendy music. The food was good, the service was great. We had nothing racier than a buffalo burger which was about what you would expect.


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