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Broadway Diner in Baltimore, MD
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Broadway Diner

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6501 Eastern Ave  BaltimoreMD  21224

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Reuben Sandwich

Reuben Sandwich at the Broadway Diner in Baltimore, MD.  [...]

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Broadway Diner Sign

Broadway Diner Sign  [...]

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Broadway Diner Menands NY

Broadway Diner in Baltimore, MD 
Broadway Diner Menands NY Bakery on Premise, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Senior Menu, Daily Specials...  [...]

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Magic at Broadway Diner,Hicksville NY

Broadway Diner in Baltimore, MD 
Magic trick with a napkin and matches!!  [...]

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Carol Burnett & the Broadway Diner Show-Stoppers Medley

Broadway Diner in Baltimore, MD 
Carol Burnett and the Broadway Diner Truck Stop is an incredible medley of Show tunes put together by Carol's "medley genius" team of Ken and Mitzie Welch. W...  [...]

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  1. Gravatar image
    [email protected]
    6/15/2015 10:53:43 AM
    Visited here on my way north last week. It very accessible from I95. The service was fast and friendly. The reuben was great. I enjoyed everything about this place. Definitely a repeat visit for me.
  2. Gravatar image
    [email protected]
    1/29/2014 3:53:45 PM
    I have eaten here 3 times in the past 2 years.The goulash is excellent. Eggs, scrapple and grits are as you would expect them to be. Last time i was there was about 4 months ago and i had the chicken parmigiana sandwich , it was good but nothing special.If you are ever traveling up or down I95 this is a great stop right off the HWY.
  3. anonymous
    2/3/2012 10:06:37 PM
    We loved this place, the service was great and the Seafood Festival was awesome. The desserts made in the bakery below were "wicked" good. We will be back the next time we leave New England for the DC area.
  4. anonymous
    10/16/2011 5:08:23 PM
    We have been going to the Broadway diner at least once a week since it opened. The thought of going somewhere else rarely crosses our mind. The food may be a little on the pricey side but is always great and the portions are large. Give it a try.
  5. anonymous
    6/16/2011 12:40:09 PM
    I walked in and told the waitress that I had riden my Harley on HWY 50 from California to have the Broadway Festival that Guy had featured on the show. It was not served at this time of day, but she said, "I know the chef in the kitchen, I'll see waht i can do". The meal started with there special bread that was to die for. The tomato brisk soup was filled with crab and flavor. Then the main course. It was just as advertised, fantastic. As we were about to leave, our waitress told us that the owner and chef, George wanted to meet us. We thanked him and had our picture taken with him. There was not a single thing I could to criticize. Don't miss this place.
  6. anonymous
    1/27/2011 9:20:41 PM
    Well, my wife saw the sea food dish on triple "D" so we drove out to the Broadway Diner during our last visit to DC form CA.  The food was just okay and quiet honestly we were a bit disappointed, but we made the best of our adventure.  I listened to Guy and he did say for a good meal come to etc., etc.  It wasn't bad; it just looked better than it was for us.
  7. anonymous
    11/4/2010 7:38:45 PM
    I love everything about the Broadway Diner.  I have been there about 6 times - always great!
  8. anonymous
    10/17/2010 9:00:16 AM
    Food is OK at best.  We did not have the meal featured in the video.  Too much and expensive for me and my wallet.  Not much competition for diner in the area (I'm a Baltimore native).  Getting INTO the parking lot is a challenge.  As you can see from the map above, it's less than a quarter mile WEST of northbound I-95 (Eastern Ave exit).  It's at the SE corner of Eastern and Kane Street.  Going WB on Eastern, one has to make a LH turn (south) on Kane, the STOP in the middle of the street to make another LH turn to get into the parking lot.  There is another entrance, but one has to be EB on Eastern Ave to use it.  No U-turns at the light.  You can chance it, but I don't.  That intersection is WAY too busy most hours of the day. 
  9. anonymous
    9/16/2010 2:02:17 PM
    This place was horrible at best....very disappointing that it is even on this website.  My friend had a monte cristo which was barely a toasted cheese sandwich with turkey on it and I had a burger that was supposed to be seasoned and it was....with dog food.  On a positive note the place had good fries.
  10. anonymous
    7/10/2010 3:03:55 PM
    Excellent food. With parking a premium in Baltimore, plenty of spaces here. Fast curtious staff and well worth the price. Go with the seafood Broadway Festival. Superb!
  11. anonymous
    3/1/2010 3:14:41 PM
    Some friends and I went on a little road trip to Baltimore to check the city out and try some of the places we've seen on shows like Triple D.  This was one of the stops, and it was great.  The service was quick, the food was great, and it had a good diner atmosphere.  The only knock on it for us was that when we asked for more water it didn't come that quickly and we had to flag down a waiter to ask again, but that probably isn't typical.  I had a rib and crab cake dinner.  The ribs were simply falling-off-the-bone delicious, and the crab cake had the biggest chunks of crab I had ever seen in a crab cake.  The fries were very good, but the other sides were fairly run-of-the mill.  I would definitely go back again if I'm in Baltimore.

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