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The Highlander in Atlanta, GA
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The Highlander

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931 Monroe Dr.  AtlantaGA  30308

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The Highlander Mud Race 2012

The Highlander in Atlanta, GA 
Me and my two brothers took on The Highlander III Adventure Race by Rock On Adventures Check out some of my other videos Tr...  [...]

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Highlander 3 (music - Loreena McKennitt)

The Highlander in Atlanta, GA 
no description available  [...]

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Minecraft: Camping Mod with THE HIGHLANDER!

The Highlander in Atlanta, GA 
Minecraft Mod AND random movie trivia? I would have nothing else! Join The Vox Force ○ Twitter: ○ Facebook: http://www.facebo...  [...]

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Highlander Movie Trailer

The Highlander in Atlanta, GA 
The original. The Best. There can be only one! He fought his first battle on the Scottish Highlands in 1536. He will fight his greatest battle on the streets...  [...]

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  1. anonymous
    5/5/2012 6:23:57 PM
    This place is a must if you're in Atlanta! They have a pretty good selection of beers and a very adult atmosphere, so it was perfect for the pre concert drinks and dinner that husband and I were looking for! I had the braised pork served with egg noodles and it was out of this world good! It tasted like it came from my own kitchen but I didn't have to cook it :) My husband ordered the personal chicken pot pie which was good but needed a little more gravy. The crust was really flaky and tasty and you get a huge portion. We will def go back to try more yummy things on the menu if we are ever in Atlanta again :)
  2. anonymous
    5/19/2011 12:28:03 AM
    Just had to try those cheesesticks after seeing them on tv.  I don't know if I caught the chef on a bad day or if they're always like that, but I got horribly sick after eating them.
  3. anonymous
    10/7/2010 8:50:03 PM
    My husband and I went a few weeks ago and had the Highlander Burger.  Outstanding burger, one of the best we've ever had.  Atmosphere is definitely adult only.
  4. anonymous
    4/28/2010 1:25:17 PM
    This place was OK, nothing great.
  5. anonymous
    4/24/2010 2:00:19 PM
    After Bay Leaves he says, "Maggi"  it's a liquid seasoning blend that adds color.  Not sure but I think it is a Mexican product,
  6. anonymous
    3/16/2010 2:33:44 AM
    what is the ingredient after the bay leaves?  he kinda mumbled and i can't make it out
  7. anonymous
    11/28/2009 7:16:22 PM
    Beware - doesn't allow anyone below 21. i will have to go back without the kids

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