Triple X Family Restaurant

2 North Salisbury Street West Lafayette, IN 47906
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What dish did Guy Fieri eat on the show?

Comments (32)

  • Posted by Hoosier JoshJanuary 09, 2013

    It's been a few years since I have been there, but the Peanutbutter burger is whi I went, and it was well worth the trip! It's a very rich burger, but well balanced, and the fries and fresh brewed root beer filled out the bmeal nicely. I have to admit I was a little confused about the layout, it's an old diner with a strange old counter that twists and turns in add spots, but we figured it out. I don't think anyone greeted us at the door, we just sat ourselves. But once we sat down our service was prompt and with a smile. So I look forward to going back and having another PB Burger.

  • Posted by Dean CobbSeptember 27, 2012

    Made trip there Sept. 11 after 38 years. Double cheese burger and a rootbeer frost just as good as in 1974. Nothing like that in Stockton,CA.

  • Posted by Katrina EvansSeptember 27, 2012

    For my Route 66 road trip, I had to travel from Georgia to Illinois to begin. I planned it so that I could stop in Lafayette and have breakfast at Triple XXX. I was so excited when I located the restaurant on the hill. I walked in and felt completely alienated. Not one person greeted me. Obviously I was a stranger in a strange town, but who isn't when you travel? I sat down and in my excitement, told the waitress that I travel all around the country to eat in locations that have appeared on Triple D. She could have cared less. Also, I asked for Julie, who had been nice enough to respond to my e-mail telling her I would soon be visiting their location. The waitress simply said she wasn't there in an uncaring way. I didn't want her attitude to dampen my enthusiasm so I ordered my breakfast. While it was being prepared, I walked over to take a look at some vintage photos hanging on the wall. My meal came in the meantime and so as I was making my way back to my seat, I heard the waitress make a rather rude comment to another customer sitting at the counter...."Travelers". I just tried to ignore her. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal but this particular individual certainly did put a damper on my experience after all. I know she has kindness in her because I observed her treatment of other customers and she seemed somewhat animated with them. She was even quite talkative to her co-workers. She just wasn't very nice to me. I have to admit when I left that place, I was very disappointed because this was day two of a long awaited trip. I cannot say I had a very good experience that day. I did enjoy the meal but this member of their staff needs to learn a few things about making strangers feel welcomed.

  • Posted by KarenSeptember 13, 2012

    We just had an incredible meal! The waitress was amazing. She never wrote down the order but could remember exactly what everyone wanted and never made a mistake. Our burgers were great and loved the root beer in the frosty mug. The place was packed but even so they were very well organized and got people moving quickly and it wasn't long before we were seated. LOVED IT!

  • Posted by Big ToolAugust 17, 2012

    We just made our first repeat visit. I still like the Duane Purvis burger.

  • Posted by AnonymousMarch 30, 2012

    Just left and the food and service were great. We tried the peanut butter burger as we wanted to try something different and it was awesome! Our waitress was super friendly!

  • Posted by AnonymousMarch 25, 2012

    just left...the waitress was bad I will never go there again. Costs $1.25 to upgrade your regular fries to curly fries. thought that must be a mistake, but the rude waitress assured me I was wrong. Burger tastes good, but not good enough to deal with the dirty ignorant waitress. Forget it!

  • Posted by Tracy CristNovember 07, 2011

    Yea dont think i will try the peanut butter burger

  • Posted by Big ToolSeptember 20, 2011

    Like a lot of DDD locations, Triple X doesn't look like much on the outside. But we really enjoyed the good burgers in the funky diner/drive-in setting. I loved the Duane Purvis (sic?) and root beer. We'll definitely start stopping here more often when we pass through the area.

  • Posted by DavidAugust 06, 2011

    Recently, went there for breakfast and the food was tremendous! Would go back next time I am in West Lafayette.

  • Posted by DavidJuly 18, 2011

    Excellent food, have gone mostly for the breakfast fare and simply outstanding!!!

  • Posted by AnonymousMay 25, 2011

    Thank you for your kind comments and for stopping at our restaurant. Carrie Ehresman Owner

  • Posted by AnonymousMay 25, 2011

    I was just told about this site and read your comment about visiting our restaurant.  I'm truly sorry that you did not have a better experience at our restaurant. Carrie Ehresman Owner

  • Posted by Bart GoynshorMay 09, 2011

    Mighty fine! Good burger, better Root Beer too

  • Posted by Shane HallApril 15, 2011


  • Posted by Shane HallApril 15, 2011

    Was in Crawfordville for a wrestling tournament with 5 kids made the drive up to West Lafayette to eat at the XXX, Duane Purvis burger Awsome, Onion rings Awsome, Other burger I got was awsome, Milk shake with peanut butter and marshmallow Awsome, Just an Awsome place will go back anytime Im close by.

  • Posted by Shane HallApril 15, 2011

    Was in Crawfordville for a wrestling tournament with 5 kids made the drive up to West Lafayette to eat at the XXX, Duane Purvis burger Awsome, Onion rings Awsome, Other burger I got was awsome, Milk shake with peanut butter and marshmallow Awsome, Just an Awsome place will go back anytime Im close by.

  • Posted by DebApril 15, 2011

    Great greasy spoon type burgers!  I liked the bar stool atmosphere.  Very friendly staff and customers (helped by sitting all together!).  Loved my burger!  I will certainly go back the next time I am visiting Purdue!  Boiler Up!

  • Posted by AnonymousApril 11, 2011

    Forgot to rate

  • Posted by AnonymousApril 11, 2011

    How can anyone rip this place unless their IU fans. He should also check out Bruno's down at the bottom of the hill from the Triple XXX.

  • Posted by MystFebruary 03, 2011

    I went to this place several different times while I went to Purdue. It was definatly a good place to go eat. I never left hungry. But it is more of a locals joint and always expect it to be busy. Worse times to go are around 3-6 in the late afternoon and about 2-4 in the early mornings. One of the few places near the south east portion of the campus open 24 hours.

  • Posted by Diane FraserOctober 09, 2010

    Busy place! Went for breakfast, biscuits and gravy, excellent. Waitstaff very friendly.

  • Posted by RobbAugust 07, 2010

    Definitely a dive and I guess you can't expect the place or people to be clean. All the employees at one time went outside to smoke and when they came in, they didn't wash their hands. I got the DBL Cheeseburger on the show, and it was average ( 5 Guys burgers are 100 times better), the o rings were decent and the triple xxx root beer was very good.  Maybe I should've had the pork t sandwich.

  • Posted by RichJuly 16, 2010

    This place is a dive alright.  I tried this place and forget about gettng a parking space any where near it.  There was nothing memorable about XXX.  I was heading to Chicago on I65 and stopped in, I should have stopped at Wendy's.

  • Posted by TimmyJuly 10, 2010

    Great stuff!!! <a hef="">food</a>

  • Posted by jmsjMarch 28, 2010

    We always pass this place when we visit our daughter at Purdue.  It definitely looks like a dive (inside and out).  I finely stopped there a couple of days ago and got the Boilermaker Pete and their XXX root beer.  It took a little bit long to get my order (it was busy) but it was the quintessential cheeseburger - very juicy, very tasty.  The root beer was the perfect accompaniment.  I can't wait to go back again and try the rest of their menu.

  • Posted by GuestJanuary 25, 2010

    Not worth the trip.  I parked, saw flies buzzing around everywhere and left...definitely a dive.  I came back the next day because this was my first, and so far only, place from Guy's show so I thought I would give it a go.  It was just ok.  Root beer was good but the fried pork tenderloin sandwich was overcooked and tough.  I should have taken my clue from the flies and stayed outside.

  • Posted by NeilJanuary 12, 2010

    The Duane Purvis All American burger is great! I've tried to replicate it at home, but have never been able to come close. I make a pilgrimage every time I'm in town. Try it with the "real" onion rings and root beer.

  • Posted by SteveJanuary 06, 2010

    Nothing special, very ordinary food. Seems more geared towards college students. Won't be back.

  • Posted by mwDecember 30, 2009

    sry, i didnt rate it!

  • Posted by mwDecember 30, 2009

    Im from lafayette, once i was given a frozen corndog! lol, but i got a new one it was a family favorite, and a great story but triple xxx is great! Go Purdue, and IU plz comment

  • Posted by RockyNovember 10, 2009

    The cheeseburger w/peanut butter on was a must try.  It was an interesting contrast in textures and flavors.  I can say I have done it, not sure I would do it again but it was worth it.  Good food, good prices and a college town atmosphere what more could you ask for.

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