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G and A Restaurant in Baltimore, MD
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G and A Restaurant

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3802 Eastern Avenue  BaltimoreMD  21224

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  1. anonymous
    9/11/2012 2:58:16 PM
    One word.....................................AWFUL!!!! Don't waste your time, you can make better stuff at home. If there is any kind of draw it's that he puts the hot dogs on his arm, but really, who cares if the food sucks.
  2. anonymous
    4/3/2012 4:34:57 PM
    We just came back from there.  We had a wonderful time.  Our table ordered the sliders, hot dogs, coney island burger, a cheese burger, and the fries with gravy.  We loved it all.  The waitress was super nice and Andrew, the owner/chef even took the time to pose with my sons.  We will definitely be back!
  3. anonymous
    12/6/2011 12:58:00 AM
    He puts emnon his arm just like NY System wieners in Providence, I love it! But real coney sauce is made with ground up beef heart,... Sorry to say still awesome though!!!
  4. anonymous
    10/16/2011 5:15:30 PM
    My father used to take me there alot when I was a little girl. We lived in the area and yeah it sure has changed. Every now and then I go back.  It's been over 40 years and the coney island burgers are one of a kind and they have the best french fries with gravy.
  5. anonymous
    5/19/2011 12:11:59 AM
    Definitely falls in the dive category.  Dogs were delicious, and Andy was really nice.  Someplace to check out if you're in the area, but perhaps not worth traveling for.
  6. anonymous
    5/12/2011 11:19:53 AM
    G&A is definetly a dive!! It is in the middle of Highlandtown and Greektown, kinda the white ghetto of Baltimore and home of the mullet.  The dogs were ok, but I have had better.  Since I live in Maryland, it was a short trip on the Harley for wifey and I.  Good for a quick lunch, but not a 1st choice pick.
  7. anonymous
    10/27/2010 11:03:42 AM
    Five Stars!
  8. anonymous
    10/27/2010 11:03:08 AM
    Had the chance to visit one of Guy's picks in the Baltimore area last night.  We picked G&A and could not have been more pleased!  GREAT food and even better service!  Andy and Brandy make you feel like old friends!  The restaurant is old style, clean and nostalgic.  We LOVED chatting with the owner and learning the history of the place.  That's one of the things that make this place so special.  French fries with gravy were fantastic, and the hot dogs were everything Triple D said they were.  Can't wait to go back!
  9. anonymous
    10/17/2010 8:47:36 AM
    Been here 3 times in the last year.  The last time I brought the family and a friend.  All 5 of us like the place.  The place could use a make over, but it's clean, serviceable, and the staff is alert.  Gets REAL busy at lunch time which lasts there til 1:30 sometimes.  BTW, it wasn't always the barrio it is now.  Until the last 10 years it was a solid neighborhood with 2nd and 3rd generation Polish, German, Italian and Greek folks.  Everything changes but G&A.  Parking is around the corner on Eaton Street.  It's meters.  Enjoy.  Good local place.
  10. anonymous
    7/11/2010 4:41:39 PM
    This place is known for their Coney Island Hotdogs, burgers, etc... Its in the middle of the latin ghetto in baltimore, but it's def' the place to go if you want a good dog.

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