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Uncle Lou's

3633 Millbranch Road Memphis, TN 38116
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  • Posted by Anonymous March 2012

    A must to come here if you are in Memphis or just going thru...the chicken was to die love love the "sweet and spicy love" chicken and the biscuts oh my they melt in your mouth...never tasted anything so wonderful in my life. To top it all of the staff was soooo friendly and when you go make sure you tell them where you came from so you can put a tack on there map.

  • Posted by Illinois ladies March 2012

    WOW that is some mighty good chicken and biscuits. Guy was right when he coined the name "sweet and spicy love" to describe this culinary creation. The chicken was moist, juicy and OH SO flavorful. Uncle Lou's daughter and the entire staff made you feel right at home. We will be back for sure and will tell our friends and family. Well worth the trip off the interstate. :-D

  • Posted by The Butlers December 2011

    We recently went on a triple "D" adventure across TN and uncle lou's was our second stop on the trip. We arrived around 10:35am before opening and before they were opened someone came out to invite us in early were we met the owner took some pictures and then ate some of the best chicken we have EVER ate! What we weren't expecting was the biscuits which are absolutely amazing and a must have if you stop by which we higfhly recommend you do. The staff was awesome and felt like we were eating at someones home and was very well taken care of. Aas mentioned we got there early and the owner sat at shot the breeze with us while we were waiting andf also while eating it was a great experience. We enjoyed it so much that on our last morning in Memphis we called the place at 10:00am and ordered 2 fully cooked chickens and my wife had to have 2 dozen biscuits to go plus we ate lunch again and also picked up 2 large containers of corruption and 2 bottles of sauce and t-shirts to go. Of all the places we went to on this trip this was by FAR the best tasting and best dining experience we had and once we again highly recommend you stopping by if your within a couple hundred miles it will definitely worth your trip. Great job Uncle Lou's and hopefully we'll be seeing you again soon. And I'm sure you will getting some orders to ship to Canada once I spread the news up there. 5 STARS!!!!! 

  • Posted by A Lou's Faan November 2011

    My daughter and I stopped at Lou's for lunch on our way to Graceland and Graceland played second fiddle for the rest of the day. We loved it all -- the chicken was to die for, the biscuits the best we've had yet, and everyone was incredibly helpful and friendly. We are so glad we stopped.

  • Posted by Coach Wags June 2011

    My wife, who makes "bangin fried chicken" and we stopped after a day of looking for Elvis and simply put; Uncle Lou's has THE best fried chicken I have ever eaten!  We immediately went online and ordered The Lou's spicy sauces.  A must eat!  PS. I won't eat another restaurant's chicken strips, only Uncle Lou's.  U DA MAN LOU!

  • Posted by Guest June 2011

    You know the food is good when you take a bite and your eyes close.  I love the carmel cake, the honey buns and of course...the chicken, YUM!!

  • Posted by Jason Butterfield June 2011

    Everything was outstanding--some of the best fried chicken I have ever eaten.  Can't get enough of that sweet spicy love sauce (I like the hot version).  Had to take home all of the mixes and sauces so that I can make some of my own at home in MN.  Uncle Lou came in shortly before noon, made sure everyone in the place felt at home.  Obviously lots of regulars that were eating there--one of them even got up from his meal just to take my picture with Uncle Lou.  What a blast--my wife couldn't stop raving about the food after we left, and was entertained by the fact that I looked like a kid in a candy store that day.  Rarely has eating been this much fun when I am on an out of town trip.  Way to go Uncle Lou--thanks for a memorable experience!

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2011

    The chicken was ok, but dry.  The sides were not anything to write home about.

  • Posted by Anonymous December 2010

    Traveling back east through Memphis and I stopped at Uncle Lou's. I ordered the wing dinner with the Sweet Love Spice on it and it was faaaaantastic. Glad I stopped in. Didn't see Uncle Lou but the guys who were working there were friendly and made sure I had everything I needed.

  • Posted by Anonymous November 2010

    great great great honey chicken

  • Posted by Robb November 2010

    I had a couple pieces of fried chicken, which was great, and the fried bologna sandwich, which was also very good. I must have stopped on an off day because Uncle Lou was not there and they guys that were there were not friendly at all.

  • Posted by John September 2010

    Heading to Memphis this week  and Uncle Lou's is the place for dinner .......

  • Posted by rmtcc3206 August 2010

    Spicy is the word for Uncle Lou's ! Laid back atmosphere ! If you like spicy go for it. The food flavor was good just lots of spice.

  • Posted by Anonymous August 2010

    everyone knows that the weight stated is the PRE-COOKED weight. lol on the pee comment.

  • Posted by Michelle July 2010

    Just moved to Memphis and saw DDD on tv and had to go to Uncle Lous.So glad we did...if you come anywhere  near Memphis you have to come to Uncle Lous!!What I love is they make you feel at home and the food is great!!!!

  • Posted by Dennis and Karen July 2010

    Uncle are the greatest.  Enjoyed the chicken with extra love sauce.  AND was so happy to meet you.  Next time we are in Memphis we will stop by.  K and D  Winnipeg, Canada

  • Posted by Anonymous June 2010

    Bet you get out of the shower to pee don't you

  • Posted by Trent from CA June 2010

    This fried chicken is so good i cant even describe it. The sweet spicy love sauce is like nothing i have ever had and the chicken is fried to perfection. Everyone in the group got the chicken so we didnt try the crazy hamburger they have. We met Uncle Lou and took our picture with him. He's a great guy and is more than happy to meet everyone who comes in.

  • Posted by JimmyB April 2010

    Forgot to give them the very well deserved 5-Star rating!!

  • Posted by JimmyB April 2010

    This is the best fried chicken in the world!!  I make sure I stop there every time I'm in Memphis.  Everyone I've ever taken there agrees, the chicken is unbelievably good.  On top of that, the friendliest staff you'll ever find and Uncle Lou is just a great guy.  Last time there it was a little slow so he sat down with our group and talked with us for about 15-20 minutes.  You can get good BBQ at many places in Memphis, but there is only one place in the world you can get chicken dipped in "Sweet Spicey Love"!!!

  • Posted by FormerFP March 2010

    Fantastic chicken, done the traditional, albeit unhealthy, way!  Fried with skin on.  Lou himself is a great guy!

  • Posted by Gary & Nancy January 2010

    The burger was okay, fries & rings out of a freezer bag, commercial slaw, but the chicken wings were absolutely PHENOMENAL.  You can get good BBQ anywhere in the South; go to Memphis and Uncle Lou's for the wings ... WOW.

  • Posted by MikeDCop November 2009

    When in Memphis....stop here!

  • Posted by Guest August 2009

    I bought the Corruption - 8oz from their online store.  The taste, on a 4.5 hr smoked bone-in chicken thigh, I would rate a 4.5 stars.  But with the packaging, it weighted only 7 1/8 oz.  I e-mailed Lou's with no response yet.  So be careful when ordering from them Online.  Hence the 2 star rating

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