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Bryant Lake Bowl

801 W Lake St. Minneapolis, MN 55408
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  • Posted by FlashBack November 2014

    Stopped in for breakfast and had the BBQ Bowler...pulled pork/scrambled eggs/on top of a biscuit with some awesome bbq sauce on the side for dipping. The Mrs had the #4 complaints! Very cool atmosphere with the bowling alley in operation.

  • Posted by Big Tool October 2012

    BLB definitely falls into the dive category. We went for breakfast so I could try the bison hash. It was less like a hash and more like a stir fry with potatoes. I had a large enough portion that I had leftovers for breakfast the next day. It was okay but its not something that I'd want to have again. My wife, though, really liked her breakfast biscuit sandwich. Service was good and quick. We'd like to try it again for dinner-- perhaps after a MST3K revue at the movie theater next door.

  • Posted by Flashymist May 2012

    Saw this on Triple D but was left disappointed. Very small locale and slow service. Waited 35 minutes for the Bison hash; only 2 small scraps of meat and they didn't chop the hash or meat so essentially you are eating greasy potato slices. Plus a no frills omelette, folded egg on a plate not even a garnish of chives or anything. The menu must have changed because the hash was the only thing from the show that seemed to be on the menu. Bowling there is a novelty. I thought this place was much bigger on TV but with 5 lanes in the back of the diner we looked ridiculous coming in with our own bowling bag.

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2012

    so true

  • Posted by Dustin December 2011

    Stopped by for breakfast when was in Minneapolis looking at buying a car. Had the bison hash. Was very good. Would like to go back to try more of the menu.

  • Posted by Guest August 2011

    Mediocre food and pretentious staff.  Would never go back.  The bowling is cool, but doesn't make up for the terrible service. 

  • Posted by Rob Craig March 2011

    good food and service.  Maybe overpriced,

  • Posted by Grace March 2010

    I took my husband on one of my business trips and we decided to check this place out from watching Guy's visit there. The food was good and we actually bowled a game. The restaurant is a lot smaller than what TVland makes it look like. I would go back again.

  • Posted by Fred November 2009

    The Bison Pad Thai was beyond delicious (I had it in July)

  • Posted by Hip Deep August 2009

    Always fun ... always delicious!

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