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Manci's Antique Club

1715 Main St. Daphne, AL 36526
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Guy Fieri Eats (1)

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  • Fish tacos

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Reviews (15)

  • Posted by May 2014

    Absolutely loved this place!!!! Everyone was soo friendly to me I felt like I stepped into Cheers! At the top of my list for DDD experiences! Loved the bathroom ;) lol good times! Thanks to all the people at Manci's for making my day and making me feel welcome! I will be back again!

  • Posted by April 2014

    Just got on this today. As a regular at Manci's (I live 4 blocks from it), y'all are cracking me up when you talk about the moody, unhappy owner! That is how Alex is! That is his personality and it is what makes the place the awesome place it is! The place should be in the Smithsonian and the food is "off the hook" every time! We all tried to figure out why they even put the Jazzy burger on the show! None of us had ever had it! So, get the grilled shrimp poboy, fried oyster poboy, any poboy, well, everything is good! And you will never convince us otherwise!!

  • Posted by December 2013

    All the antiques make for interesting decor. The fact that the old telephone booth phone rings was cute. The service wasn't very good and waited for a long time to receive the Bloody Mary (that was awesome - had a fresh green bean stuck in it - and different). Took a long time to get our food. Had the jazzy burger, and my friend just had a regular burger. We both agreed that it was good, but nothing really outstanding.

  • Posted by April 2013

    Stopped in on the way back to Houston and it was INCREDIBLE! Very dark place as far as the decor but the fish po boy was the best I have ever had....

  • Posted by Pam May 2012

    I was with a group of seven people last night. I saw this episode of Triple D and tend to try the places Guy recommends. 
    While the service was a tad slow, the folks that ordered the bloody Mary's were impressed. The beer drinkers were thrilled with the huge mugs!
    THe basket of Mushrooms was off the hook as were the crab claws, and the fried pickles. 
    Everyone really enjoyed their food, from the Mancie Burger, to the Combo Seafood platters. The servers were very nice, didn't interact with Mr. Bartender, The food was great, the service while a little slow was nice and friendly. I highly recommend you try Manci's! And the bell in the women's restroom was a hoot. We were hoping for a buzzer from the men's room, but no such luck 

  • Posted by wendymac March 2012

    Great ambiance. Food was excellent.

  • Posted by JC Nowlin January 2012

    The folks here act as if they are doing you a favor if you eat there.  Lazy service.  Horrible decor.  Kind of expensive po boys of any kind.  We had Oyster as the soft shell crabs were not in season.  (so they told us)  I felt as if this place was way overrated by TV.  I'm a big DDD fan but I don't see what he saw in this place.

  • Posted by d and b January 2012

    We don't usually comment but today is different.  We picked and planned around what we saw on the triple d video and away we went for a saturday lunch adventure.  We walk in and it is museum like but kinda cool.  No one greated us, I actually felt like we were intruding.  We sat down and we ordered the bloody mary's and waited...waited...waited mind you the other 2 couples had their food and we waited...almost felt like the unfriendly guy behind the bar didn't want to make them.  I asked the waitress if he was the  guy from the show, she said yes and we waited.  Got the drinks, ordered the shrimp poyboy for d and the jazzy buger for me.  The bloody mary's were awesome!!!  So we get our food, my jazzy burger was cooked perfect, very skimpy on the tv famous jazzy sause but all in all, best burger I have had in quite some time. The shrimp poyboy was good, the shrimp were fried better than any I have had in a long time. Long story short, food good, bloody mary superb too bad the welcome mat was at the cleaners.b

  • Posted by 2 disappointed guests December 2011

    Service was aweful. Very unhappy, grumpy owner. The place was a dumpster, so covered with decades of dust. Was worried that I'd get food poisoning. Had the shrimp po boy and it absolutely didn't stand out at all. My husband had a burger which was good but would never recommend this place ever to anyone. I would be embarassed if I did. Guy, I can't believe that you had anything good to say about this place! I love your show, but you need to be more discriminating as people drive for hours to go to some of the places you've been too.

  • Posted by Guest June 2011

    Great food, but the scenery was too much. Loved the ringing bell from the woman's restroom! I recommend the burgers. They shouldn't allow smoking outside and the service was lousy. I'm split between a good and bad diner!  

  • Posted by Guest May 2011

    I had the butterfly shrimp it was good ...but have had better.  Service wasn't very good at all.

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2011

    I had the oyster po boy...and fries.  Neither was anything to write home about.  The owner was friendly and the service was ok.  I think maybe it was just too slow a time and everyone was sort of laid back and not all that interested in service.  Guidos in the same complex is way better for lunch and has a more sophisticated menu. 

  • Posted by Anonymous July 2010

    I had dinner here tonight and had the best shrimp poboy I have ever had in my entire life! The tartar sauce is devine! Eating lunch at Manci's before heading out of the area tomorrow- going to try the burger!! I am so glad I found this place by watching Guy!!!

  • Posted by jc nowlin December 2009

    Had hoped it would be better  since I love Guy and the Show.  Food was not served hot.  We had fried shrimp dinners.  I can only say I've had better.  In fact just down the street is Guido's and they blow Manci's out of the water.

  • Posted by Mar and Bernie April 2009

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