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Cecilia's Cafe

230 6TH St. SW Albuquerque, NM 87102
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Reviews (16)

  • Posted by Shelly April 2012


  • Posted by Shelly April 2012

    The food was amazing! Fairly inexpensive and amazingly friendly staff!

  • Posted by Anonymous January 2012

    Tried the new location which is open for dinner. The carne avodado was so hot my mouth was on fire. The food was good but this batch of sauce was a little too much.

  • Posted by cagolfher October 2011

    Oh my God!  If I lived here I'd never be able to stop having Chicken Fried Steak and Green Chile Gravy with a side of blue corn pancakes!

  • Posted by Guest October 2011

    Enjoy spicy chili at Cecilia's Cafe located at 230 6th ST SW. 505 243-7070 I've been coming here for years and the food is to die for, bring all my family here when they come to town. If Cecilia has time she will come and visit with you and tell a story or two. The place sits around 50 people. In the winter the wood stove is going warming the place just right. She has family working for which makes it nice to see a family together. Many items to choose from, so come out and give a try, best food in town that is actually is made from scracth.

  • Posted by MMMORGAN June 2011

    We will be in Albuquerque July 1st thru the 5th with our 4 granddaughters, we saw this restaurant on Triple D. we plan on looking it up. Does anyone know how far it is from Marriott Residence Inn at 3300 Prospect Ave?

  • Posted by Muzette Alcocer June 2011

    @Jacqueline - I want to eat here whil we are visiting!

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2011

    The food is okay I definetely have had better & it is crazy OVERPRICED.  Mama's cooking is much better, free & full of love.

  • Posted by Michael May 2011

    I ordered enchiladas with red chile. The chile sauce had a very dark red color in contrast to the nice bright red chile color of the sauce shown in the video on the DDD show. It definitely tasted burnt. I will not be going back.

  • Posted by gwynneve October 2010

    would it be possible for cecelia to teach her staff manners? good customer service?

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2010

    So-so. Frito pie stuck with me all day if you get my meaning. Chili (green or red) not nearly as hot as they warned. Cinnamon rolls are pretty awesome!

  • Posted by Karkman February 2010

    I agree the only negative about Cecilia's is they are not open for dinner.  The Pork Abovado is mind blowing and the red Chile sauce is the best I have ever had.  Cecilia and the staff are terrific!  

  • Posted by Jane December 2009

    I have eaten at Cecilias on several occations and the food is just delious. The fireman is not on the menu but get the word out best thang I have eaten. It is like the size of a football and has everything in it Yummy. Cecilia God Bless you for knowing how to cook mexican food right. I'm headed your way to eat

  • Posted by Jenn September 2009

    Visited 9/12/09 - I had the breakfast burrito with the green sauce and bacon.  Absolutely delicous!!  If in ABQ will return!

  • Posted by Guest August 2009

    The only thing I did not like about Cecilia's is that they were not open for dinner so I could eat 3 meals a day there on vacation. The food is full of flavor.  The Pork Abovado is the best pork I have ever had and I am hooked! Cecilia are the staff are great!  I loved New Mexico, but I would fly back just for Cecilia's food.

  • Posted by Guest July 2009

    Very good food

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