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Giusti's CLOSED

14743 Walnut Grove-Thornton Road Walnut Grove, CA 95690
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Reviews (12)

  • Posted by henry jay February 2013

    Excellent calamari and a glass of wine. Rustic.

  • Posted by Me December 2012

    I was really looking forward to visiting Giusti's for my Bday because I live in Stockton and its just a 20 min drive. Very disappointed with the quality of food we received. We ordered appetizers and dinner plates (which come with Salad/soup, bread and a lil plate of cheese and meat). Our appetizers came out first. The fried shrimp was good, but the marinara sauce had a piece of long bown hair in it. So we skipped over the sauce. We started wthi our soup/Salda, which was very good UNTIL we got to the end of the salad and there was a dead fly in our food. That was the last straw for me! I brought it to the attention of the waitress, who was very nice. She came back a lil later saying they'd comp our food, but I had definitely lost my appetite. My husband wanted his steak and they brought it out. He said it tasted very good, but I was so totally disgusted that I would never eat here again!

  • Posted by Anonymous July 2011

    I would not recommend this place.  It is way far out of the way and once you get there it does not live up to the hype.  The soup was good, although not warm enough and the bread and butter were good too.  The entree was overpriced and bland.  I had pasta and my husband had chewy tri tip.  Very pricey, mediocre service (being kind here) and as Guy's name was spray painted on the front of the building, I felt like he let me down.  Not a place I would return to just for decent soup and bread.  The water is putrid.  You gotta do better than this to gain back some creditability, Guy.  Still lovin' you!

  • Posted by Anonymous June 2011

    This was my first time to visit this restaurant.  The food was way over-priced for what you are given. To top it off, my wife and daughter decided to share a meal, but we were charged $7.50 to have an extra plate for the same amount of food.  $2 to $3 I can understand, but this was outrageous.  When we were seated, their filthy menus were laying on top of all of our soup bowls.  At the end of our meal, the waitress placed the cheque in its dirty plastic container right on top of the mouth of the water carafe.  The water was absolutely horrid!  It stunk and tasted really bad.  The waiter said that it came from a well and brought me some bottled water instead.  The waitress, though decent, did not seem like she cared but was just going through the motions of her job.  The women's restroom was in bad condition and looked like it had not been cleaned in quite a while.  Read that as unuseable.  The food was good, but you would be better off going somewhere else.

  • Posted by Scott November 2010

    Forgot my rating .

  • Posted by Scott November 2010

    Just ate there with my wife , this after noon , was a little dis appointed , the soup they serve was mostly broth . The water they serve was very bad . The meal was ok but no wow faster .

  • Posted by Shane July 2010

    Just ate there with my wife and my parents. It was delicious. I had the filet mingon, my wife had ribs, dad had calamari steak, and mom had the prime rib. All were FANTASTIC

  • Posted by Anonymous June 2010

    Nice small town kind of place. Service was pleasant and the portions are big. All their meals come with bread, soup, and salad. Wouldn't say their food has unique or outstanding in flavor - but simple and comforting. Just make sure to spring for bottled water if you choose to drink water. Their tap water is skunky! 

  • Posted by Nor-Cal Scott January 2010

    Guisti's is a local landmark, famous for its great service, fair pricing, and funky clients.  Pull up in your boat or drive but you have to know where you're going- most 1st timers miss it. I can be there in about  20 minutes and it's one of our favs to take out of town guests because of the great food and because it is so unique.

  • Posted by duke 1065 January 2010

    Great place little out of the way, the place really looks like a dive but very frindly staff and patrons. Great food we had the lamb and fried chicken all dinners served family style every thing was great highly recommend this place.

  • Posted by Jackotaco June 2009

    Two lobsters for one, $24.00, Wendsday nite only.  Foods good, cheap bar.  Dinner opens at 5:00pm all week.

  • Posted by Augie March 2009

    I've been eating at Giusti's for 25+ years and it's probably my favorite restaurant. It's a funky place, older than dirt, in the middle of nowhere that happens to have great food - not fancy food, just delicious. I've never taken a first-timer out there who didn't thoroughly enjoy the experience and the food.

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