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Louie's CLOSED

1839 N Henderson Avenue Dallas, TX 75206
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Guy Fieri Eats (1)

Here are the dishes that Guy Fieri featured on the show

  • 1 piece of bacon cause ya gotta pay Xtra for more than 1 on your burger LOUIE'S should of not been on the show worst thing I ever saw!!!!;

What dish did Guy Fieri eat on the show?

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Reviews (17)

  • Posted by LovingDaddy October 2012

    Horrible!!!! Food, Service, location, facility, staff all bad. From Dallas and will never return!

  • Posted by Jimn68 May 2012

    Wow!!!! It was very disappointing. The pizza was very salty and I love salt...

  • Posted by Acedoodle October 2011

    This place is a dive. My wife and I have eaten at hole in the walls to the best 5 stars. This is an average place with average food. I am still trying to understand how it was featured on the show. We had a pizza, burger and alferdo. My wife and I could name a half dozen place within 15 miles that would be a better choice and most at a better price. The service was not that great either. Needless to say we were not satisfied with our outing.

  • Posted by Lori Mullens-Kelly September 2011

    Looks like it's Louie's for dinner!

  • Posted by John sargeant September 2011

    Great pizza, was not sure about the place when we got there but great food

  • Posted by Lori Farmer July 2011

    ok who wants to go with me?

  • Posted by Anonymous July 2011

    Wow, the pizza was unbelievable. The Ceasar's salad was so fresh and well portioned. The ambience was definitely a bar, but really comfortable. Now the bad news. Our waitress was closely related to a devil's spawn. Seemed nice at first, but became rude and down right disrepectful by the end of our meal. Sorry, but here in Texas, customer service is still an art, and a respectful one at that. If the food hadn't been so darn good, I would advocate abstinence, but if you don't mind the character played by Billy Bob Thornton in Tombstone being your server, then enjoy some really great pizza.  

  • Posted by Anonymous December 2010

    rumors are for silly kids.

  • Posted by Anonymous November 2010

    Definitely a DIVE...thin crust pizza was awesome...

  • Posted by food fiend July 2010

    I don't care for Fireside, I wouldn't even call it Pizza, I have never spent so much money on less than average food, and who puts your cold salad on top of a hot pizza(fireside) YUK!

  • Posted by Anonymous June 2010

    Ate here last night, we loved the pizza!

  • Posted by Anonymous June 2010

    Louie's was great.  The food was great.  Make sure you are clear about the pizza order as our waitress got confused.  Gyros are average--don't go for those.  Go earlier in the day as they tend to run out of food if you go towards closing time.  Coconut cream pie is fabulous.  Overall, a very nice place.  I would go again.

  • Posted by newcomer January 2010

    Louie's is a gem of a place....Fantastic food and wonderful people! Yummy for your tummy!!!!

  • Posted by C Dikmen January 2010

    I heard a rumor that this place has closed.

  • Posted by Anonymous December 2009

    Pizza ia VERY good, but if you wan pizza, Fireside Pies, about 6 blocks up the street, is much better..

  • Posted by Putt July 2009

    First off, the address is 1839 N Henderson.  And just so's you know, the place is a bar.  A small, crowded, LOUD bar.  Service is slow, too.  But if you can find a parking spot near the joint, and can deal with the noise and don't mind waiting, the food is worth the wait.   

  • Posted by Jer July 2009

    Damn fine pizza.  May not look like much at all from the outside, but go in anyways!

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