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Chef Point Cafe

5901 Watauga Rd. Watauga, TX, 76148
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  • Posted by Tim January 2013

    In town from NY visiting family so I wanted to check out some good local places. So what better site to go to than DDD's. Everything from the apps to desert was amazing. There were six of us so we ordered a few apps to share, the duck, fried green tomatoes, and Italian nachos. All were great. Next up were the entrées, we had the ribeye, prime rib, stuffed chicken, monte Cristo, and a salad. Again all were ridiculous. The prime rib was lightly smoke which gave it an incredible uniqueness. Desert was bread pudding and some apple thing. All in all I give it 5 stars. Service was great and why wouldn't it be. You are in a gas station. It's a must go if you're in the Dallas Fortworth area.

  • Posted by Erin Camensky December 2012

    We've lived about 3 min down the road from Chef Point for about 6 months and finally got to try it this weekend. The interior is kind of lacking (vinyl table cloths, very dark...) but our waitress was very friendly and knowledgable. We tried the duck appetizer and the plum sauce was AMAZING! The duck was sort of tough, though. My husband and I both had pasta dishes. They were HUGE portions and very hot! He was not overly impressed with his seafood supreme, but I loved my fettucini alfredo. We also had to try the bread pudding for dessert, and it was ridiculous!! Soo good!! Oh, and I've heard from several people that it's kind of pricey, but we actually thought the prices were quite reasonable. I'm sure we'll be back soon.

  • Posted by Wooding Family July 2012

    we live in arlington and decided to take a trip to try something new on a Saturday around dinner time.....and WOW...we had called ahead for seating so when we got there we only waited about 10 minutes. when seated the waitress was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions beyond expectations. I went with the stuffed pork chops my son had the kids mac n cheese and my wife had the Atlantic salmon piccatta..amazing..we have some friends coming next month and we are headed back..don't miss out..

  • Posted by Linda Nabors-Green June 2012

    since they have expanded the cafe it does not have the same atmosphere. they plan to expand more and take out the coolers to open a bar with tvs. seems like our old cafe is turning into a bar and grill

  • Posted by Clarkleoppard May 2012

    I live in N.E. Oklahoma, but I grew up in the H.E.B. area, every time I go home to visit I make sure I visit Chef Point, The Monte Cristo is the worlds best!

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2012

    The remodel looks  GREAT! Newly expanded and now serving alcohol. A nice wine with blackened salmon, angel hair and asiago cream sauce. YUM!

  • Posted by Susan Strodtz January 2012

    My mother and I went here the duck ala orange was very good my mother had the lasanga which she enjoyed I had the chippino i was not impressed but i think i dont like the dish for what it is not how it was prepared the people next to us had the fried chicken and stuffed pork chops and they loved their food i will definety try this place again just order somethiong different and the specials are usually 8 to 10 dollars its just the seafood that is high the chippino was 20 dollars or close to it or the exotic kind of food that is high i recomnend the chicken or pork dishes

  • Posted by Randy January 2012

    Awesome place...pricey but worth it. Service has always been good. Better than sex chicken is close to being worthy of its name. Cioppino soup is the best in DFW. Enjoy!!!

  • Posted by Anonymous November 2011

    It was fun...but the service was very slow and the food was cool, not hot. I was disppointed, I was looking forward to it

  • Posted by Guest July 2011

    Great restaurant. Worth the drive from Dallas.

  • Posted by DK June 2011

    As we live in Dallas (a good 45 minutes away) we tied our Saturday night dinner visit with a DFW airport trip.  Yes, it is in a gas station, and a dive of a gas station at that.  There was a one hour wait and almost no place to sit in the building.  (Also no liquor license even for beer or wine.)  None of that is a problem in and of itself, but just for information sake.  However what was really disappointing was they had a couple of kids working as “host/hostess” who had no idea of how to manage a crowd of this type.  We were standing right next to them and couldn’t hear our names.  More wait.  Finally seated.  Wait service also just OK.  Food pretty good but priced more like you would expect at a place with a bit more ambiance.  So if you’re in the area with some time to kill, check it out.

  • Posted by Anonymous June 2011

    Food was good - service usually good but was horrible on our last visit. =-O

  • Posted by Anonymous June 2011

    Over priced

  • Posted by Anonymous June 2011

    chicken marsala tasted like they had used soy sauce not marsala wine

  • Posted by Robert Tiano June 2011

    There were 4 of us that went we all got different dishes to share. Everyone was happy with the food although service was not great. We have been too many DDD spots. (Most disappointed) This one met or exceeded all expectations.

  • Posted by eatwithfatjoe May 2011

    Gas station food was never ever this good!!

  • Posted by Sandi April 2011

    This restaurant was delish. We would never have stopped by if we were just driving by. Ambiance is totally lacking, but don't let that deceive you. The food is fabulous! I googled "best restaurants near Texas Motor Speedway" and it came up. Great choice. We will come again when we are bavkfor the fall NASCAR race!

  • Posted by busbrew January 2011

    I heard about this place a few years ago just before I left the DFW area, never have been there, but will get there sometime!  Story about it was what got my attention as aired on a local DFW TV station when it first opened. This Husband and Wife had relocated from Louisiana to the Keller (Watauga) area and wanted to open a restaurant, but had trouble getting a loan.  It was easier to get a loan for a convenient store/gas station, than a restaurant, so they opened the convenient store and put the restaurant in there.  Knowing that, it all makes sense for the location and nature of the business set up.  I understand this place has cajun fare on the menu, got to get there !

  • Posted by oldmancomfy September 2010

    who knew food at a gas station could be so great. looks like the wife and I have found a new favorite place to go to have some of the best food in the whole dfw area!

  • Posted by Jalkowski August 2010

    Great escargot! Great soups too.

  • Posted by Dallas Tourist July 2010

    I was reluctant to enter a gas station to have lunch with a friend, but OMG...what an unexpected experience for my tatse buds...  I had the roasted duck breast with plum sauce on a bed of spinach...Yes I did say it was at a Gas Station...What a Novel Idea!  Great Food and Service.  The owner and his lovely wife circulate with the diners and really their guests feel welcome!

  • Posted by Val Reinke June 2010

    This is the best food! It is nice to wear shorts and a t-shirt to a 5-star restaurant. 

  • Posted by Phil and Sherri June 2010

    Chef Pointe has fantastic food and budget prices. It is truly a unique and delicious dining experience. Chef Franson is awesome.

  • Posted by Troy Mullens June 2010

    Their specialty and unusual foods are great, but so are the burgers and fries. Best bread pudding anywhere!!!!

  • Posted by Bob Roby June 2010

    This restaurant is the best!! There is NO better chef than Franson and his menu is over the top. Everything on the menu is filled with his love for doing what he does and he does it better than many who are considered to be a top chef. He is over the top !!!

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2010

    I just took my wife here for our anniversary the food is amazing and the service was wonderful.   I knew we were in good shape when we asked our server what the best thing on the menu is, and he answered everything.  I think he might be right!!! Great FOOD!!!!

  • Posted by Anonymous May 2010

    The best alfredo sauce ever!

  • Posted by Mel April 2010

    Friendly, fast srvice and the food is really great.

  • Posted by Alicia April 2010

    On our first visit to Chef Point we were surprised to see Escargot listed on the specials board, you have to remember that we were walking into a gasoline/convenience store.  We didn't order the escargot but what we did order was amazing.  On our last visit we sat right next to the kitchen, I'd ordered the Hawaiian Chicken with Coconut Rice.  As I watched all the faulous pasta dishes and a huge ribeye being served I wondered if I'd made a mistake with my order.  But when my dinner arrived and I took the first bite I knew I'd made the right choice.  The servings are so large I've never had room for the bread pudding but one of these days we're going back and having dessert first!

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2010

    What a great restaurant with fantastic food and wonderful service.  Taking the backroads here from the DFW area made for a great drive!

  • Posted by Jackie Klusendorf April 2010

    I had dinner at your quaint resturant a few months back with my sorority sisters of Beta Sigma Phi.  The food and atmosphere and sevice was so great that I am coming back with my husband. Last time I had the crab cakes which were excellent.  Thnks for being here./

  • Posted by Penny April 2010

    Heard so much about this place and had to try it.  I thought it would be just a tiny cafe with plastic tables and seats.  Not so!  It was big in there!  The food and service were Fantastic!  We will certainly be back.

  • Posted by Larry and Lyn Fenwick April 2010

    Well worth the trip to find!!    Ask for a table next to the kitchen and smell all of these wonderful dishes as they are being prepared.  Just GREAT food, fun place, can tell that people who eat here know "you can still find excellent food and exotic or traditional dishes at reasonable prices".   We just loved the whole experience and will be back and  gladly recommend to our friends!    LDF

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2010

    Not only great food but the novelty of somewhere to eat that is like no where else makes this a great find. 

  • Posted by Anonymous April 2010

    great food & service!!

  • Posted by Lynne Calender March 2010

    My husband and I came on a very busy Friday night, waited forty-five minutes at six-thirty, and it was worth it! The Hawaiian grilled salmon special was delicious, as were the grilled veggies.  And I am not a bread pudding fan, but this was wonderful!  The service was friendly and attentive.  Thanks for a great evening!

  • Posted by Susan in Texas March 2010

    Man!  I LOVE this place.  Saw it on TV and had to try it.  Have been back several times and loved every single thing we ordered!  The whatnots appetizers are simple dreamy! Took a few things home for leftovers and can't wait to experience the most awesome gasoline/convenience store fine dining available in North Texas!! 

  • Posted by Anonymous March 2010

    Drove my Mother over from the N. Dallas area after she saw the D,D& D show about this place.  Well worth the drive and the food was special and delicious.  Will be back with firends.  Mom's salmon and my prok chop was killer! 

  • Posted by Lisa Fowler March 2010

    The food is wonderful and the service is excellent. I definitely will be back soon.

  • Posted by Suzanne February 2010

    I learned about CPC on DDD a year ago, and even though I live only 10 minutes away, it took me a year to finally get there.  Why, oh why, did I ever wait so long?  Those other restaurants I went to in the last year don't mean a thing next to Chef Point Cafe!  Try the What Nots -- mushroom caps stuffed with three cheeses and baked in a garlic butter sauce -- divine!  This only took one trip to become my favorite restaurant!

  • Posted by Sandra February 2010

    Great food.  Friendly atmosphere.  Bring you appetite. 

  • Posted by Payton. February 2010

    Ive been to Chef Point many times and its delicious. If anyone says the food doesnt taste good then you have some issues.

  • Posted by Sheila Powell February 2010

    Great Food!!!!!  Unique atmostphere!!!!!!  I can't stop telling my friends about the place and that they must go.  It's an hour drive for me but I'm going again.

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2010

    Great food and service...we'll be back!

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2010

    excellent.  Worth the wait!!!!

  • Posted by Clare February 2010

    This was the best food I've ever had. We are looking forward to our next visit and this time bringing friends.

  • Posted by Brandi January 2010

    We went on a Saturday for lunch and had to wait 45 minutes in the convient store to be seated. Let me tell you, it was well worth the wait. We had macarroni & cheese (the best I've ever had), Monte Crisco (FABULOUS but not good as leftovers), chicken fried steak (to die for), and lasagne (the only thing we didn't like-sauce was way to sweet). This is one place I will remember eating at forever.

  • Posted by Lynne January 2010

    We came with a large group of 17 this past Satruday.  Even though we took almost 1/2 the restaurant, the service was quick and very good.  I loved the grilled salmon with a double serving of veggies.  If my husband had shared I probably would have also eaten his lobster bisque!!!  Some of the best calamari we have found and that includes South Africa and New Zealand as well as the US.  We will definitely be coming back for a second serving. 

  • Posted by Sharon January 2010

    I haven't had anything that wasn't delicious and I love that we can take our whole family to this laid back casual atmosphere.

  • Posted by Brenna Jackson January 2010

    Chef Point Cafe has some of the best food I have ever tasted!  My 2 yr old daughter didn't stop to talk at all or drink anything while she ate until she was almost full!!  She never does that!  I had the chicken and waffles and it was amazing!  I will be recommending them to everyone I know!  Thanks for the awesome food!!!

  • Posted by Chris Dikmen January 2010

    Had lunch here a few weeks ago. The fried chicken was excellent and the stuffed mushrooms were some of the best I have had. We will be back!

  • Posted by Stacey J January 2010

    I had the blackened, stuffed chicken.  FANTASTIC!!!!  I'll definately go back again and again and again!!!

  • Posted by Luc January 2010

    We had the special of the day, Orange Pineapple Chicken!  Melt in your mouth wonderful! Will absolutely will go back.

  • Posted by Guest January 2010

    Thier food is amazing.  Will go back many times.

  • Posted by Anonymous December 2009

    We are from Houston and saw this on DDD.  On a trip back from CO we made it a point to be there for Sunday lunch.  Not disappointed!  One of the best meals I have ever had, the staff was wonderful and the breadpudding is to die for.

  • Posted by Anonymous December 2009

    One of the best meals for quaity and value. Absolutely the best duck I've ever had!

  • Posted by Missy King December 2009

    What a treat...........!!!! To have such an amazing Chef decide to cater to the "Average Joe". Thank you and your lovely wife for being so grounded! My first visit will not be my last and I have done nothing but praise your establishment for the amazing food and service you and your staff provided us. We will be back to try the whole menu one appetizer, entree and desert at a time!!!

  • Posted by vinnir December 2009


  • Posted by vinnie December 2009

    i will miss the foor and if i ever go back to tx i will be stopping there awsome food and chief is a nice guy

  • Posted by Vicki December 2009

    Best food I have ever eaten.  The bread pudding is a must!!!

  • Posted by One Legged Fat Boy December 2009

    Chef Point is outstanding.  Will diffently go back again and again.   :-D

  • Posted by Evelyn Francis December 2009

    This place is fantastic.  My favorite is the Shrimp Scampi.  I tell people everywhere I go about the Chef Point Cafe.  Keep up the good work.

  • Posted by Anonymous December 2009

    its a way of life...hi chef, Travis made it to Myrtle Beach. Hope to see you guys soon...toy drive on the 12th sounds great ;)

  • Posted by Bob Martin December 2009

    I particularly like their Rack of Lamb.  Eating at Chef Point Cafe is an incredible experience. From aoopitrizers to salads to entrees and on to desserts(especially the Bread Pudding), it is wonderful food and an amazing dining experience.

  • Posted by Sally December 2009

    I love this place.  I have recommended Chef Point Cafe to many.  Thanks to my friends for sharing this wonderful food and experience with me during my birthday week.  :)

  • Posted by Dave & Carrie November 2009

    So far every item we've tried on the menu (probally 15 different items so far in the 5 plus years) has been FANTASTIC. We had a Godmother who lived nearby but has since passed on but we now drive the 50 miles just to enjoy Chef Franson fine quisine !!

  • Posted by Marianne and Gavin Lamb November 2009

    Great food - we have been in 3 times from Denton. Will try to bring our son when he is in during Thanksgiving.  Loved the teriyaki chicken w/pineapple and also the seafood stuffed chop!   Thanks!

  • Posted by Rick November 2009

    Don't let the looks of the place scare you off.  I fly into Dallas-Fort Worth airport and it is right on the way to where I was going.  You enter the gas station and you have linoliem floors and plain tables.  The food is what is worth the trip.  Great portions - not cheap but for fancy restaurant food in a family type eating area you can't beat it.  I have had the Chicken Scaloppini and the Stuffed Blackened Pork Chop and could not have asked for any better food.  I will make it a point to stop by whenever possible.  The wait can be long as it has become very popular but there are reasons why.

  • Posted by NRH Resident November 2009

    I've been going to this place since 2007. Food is great but w/ the recent exposure to the media, the wait can be very disappointing, plus you'll possibly be sharing a table with someone, and be ready to spend $$$$. Ambiance has improved a little. I recently spent over $60 when my wife & daughter only ordered soup! IMHO, i think i spend a lot less going at Macaroni Grill or Olive Garden. It was a great experience then but i don't think i'm coming back...

  • Posted by Jullie James November 2009

    This is the very best place to eat a wonderful meal. This would have to be a 5 star all the way every thing on there menu is to die for it is all go tasty and just great confer food.

    You really need to come out and see for your self. You truly are missing out on a good thing.

  • Posted by Sally November 2009

    Fantastic food!  Portions so large, I take some home for another meal.  I live far away, so I make excuses to drive to that area, so I can stop in for lunch.  You have to have the bread pudding, it is to die for!

  • Posted by Anonymous November 2009

    I am an excellent cook.  I come from a very large italian family up in Ohio and my whole life has been food.  I cook all sorts of things for all my friends.  I live in Fort Worth near Watauga and remember when this restaurant opened several years ago.  I have been coming here ever since.  I bring the people I work with and anyone else I can grab.  The food is phenomenal.  I never lilked bread pudding before I tasted his.  It is one of my favorite desserts now.  I have had soooo many dishes and they are all unique and delicious.  The "better than sex" chicken is to die for.

  • Posted by Veronica November 2009

    We had to wait for a little while to be seated, but it was well worth it. The food was excellent and so was the service.

  • Posted by Lori R. November 2009

    You always get outstanding flavor in your food from Chef Point! I have never eaten anything here that I felt that I would not want to order again in the future. The combinations are unique and the execution of the dishes is fenominal!!! Thank You Chef Point!!! Lori R. Roanoke, TX

  • Posted by Guest November 2009

    This is the best food ever.  I try to go once a week if possible!!!!

  • Posted by HAROLD October 2009

    Don't let the gas station fool you. Inside this conveience store is one of the best dining experiences to be had. I have dined at work class retraunts in San Francisco and Orlando Florida, not to mention some of the excellent places here in North Texas, and this place is the best I have been to. If you have not been to Chef Pointe Cafe, you are missing a Diamond in a field of Gold,

  • Posted by Rachel & Phil October 2009

    We only live 10 minutes away and never even knew it was there until we saw the DDD segment. Thanks for showing us a great place! We love coming here now!

  • Posted by Cali Girl October 2009

    Best bread pudding in cognac sauce! The wait staff was really friendly too!

  • Posted by Vegas October 2009

    OK place with OK food. Nothing to flip yer lid tho, especially after a long-ass drive to just past the middle of nowhere... Vegas Waitstaff is tops tho!

  • Posted by September 2009

    Your food is great.  The wait staff kind and willing to vary your order if possible (for my mother-in-law).  The menu has a wonderful variety.  My wife and I will be back often.

  • Posted by Guest September 2009

    This place is awesome!! The food was sooo good and the staff is super friendly. You would never know it when you walk in the place that you would receive service or food on this high of standard but you do and it is wonderful!!!! Keep up the good work and don't change a thing!!

  • Posted by Angie Tidwell September 2009

    You would not think that a gas station servers great italian cusine & other food! I have eaten there numerous times & will continue! :)

  • Posted by Carvin Hill September 2009

    Tops the best place I've ever eaten before!! not a pasta person but, cannot pass this pasta up!! blackened stuff chicken is awesome!!

  • Posted by Guest September 2009

    The food is outstanding!  Atmosphere strange, but that makes it unique.

  • Posted by Kathy from Saginaw September 2009

    This is truly FIVE STAR dining.  I had the blackened stuff pork chops!! Best meal I have ever eaten im my life.

  • Posted by DFWDawg September 2009

    I've been dining at Chef Point since it's opening. It is awesome indeed. A few buddies and I went off shore fishing, brought some of the Wahoo we caught (a 90 pounder) to Chef Franson. He broiled the fish and finished it with a sauce that was to die for. Unbelievable!!!! Thanks Chef!

  • Posted by Guest September 2009

    CIAPPINO [sp?] -- Chef Point introduced me to this wonderfully flavorful "fish stew" dish.  I've tried it numerous other places, only to be disappointed again and again.  CP's is simply, the best -- down to the very last drop...

  • Posted by Guest September 2009

    The food is awesome, well worth the wait. 

  • Posted by Stephanie September 2009

    Chef Point Cafe is AMAZING! I love going there to eat. They have awesome food that is not overpriced and the service is very good.

  • Posted by Guest August 2009

    I love the lobster bisque!

  • Posted by Guest August 2009

    The BEST bread pudding I have ever had. Yummy!!

  • Posted by Guest August 2009

    Just got back from Chef Point Cafe. I have never had fried chicken like that before - it was out of this world! I'll be dreaming of that chicken for a long time to come...hope to come back to TX soon!

  • Posted by Guest August 2009

    I would love to see the re-run of the show. My favorite is the Rack of Lamb. My husband and I have travelled all over the world and eaten at some of the finest restaurants and I think Chef Point cooks up some of the best food we have ever had!

  • Posted by Guest August 2009

    My friends and I tried this restaurant after one of them saw it on your show. We keep going back and sometimes it is hard to get away from the special-Blackened Chicken w/ Asiago Cream Sauce and Pasta. We ask them to change the pasta to Bowtie and add spinach!!! It is truly amazing. The finish to the dinners IS the Bread Pudding. Last time I went I was going to bring the bread pudding home to go and it ended up getting eaten before I left. 

  • Posted by heathershimala August 2009

    Over the years I had heard about Chef Pointe but never made the long (10 Minute) drive over there!  Thanks Guy for taking this local for a visit!!!  What a surprise to find such amazing food at the local gas station!!!  I've always thought of bread pudding as a last minute (and left over) mushy dessert, it's never been my first pick.  I took one for the team and shared this fabulous dessert with my girlfriends and I'm a fan for life!!!  I DVR'd the episode to show my husband....he's a non believer of gas station gourmet....I'll convert him yet!!!  Thanks for visiting Chef Pointe!!!!

  • Posted by Guest August 2009

    I've lived about 1/2 hour away from this place for years without knowing about it... What a waste! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

  • Posted by Guest August 2009

    The better-than-sex fried chcken, um, really is! It's SO good!

  • Posted by Guest August 2009

    I took my mother here for her birthday. It was one of the best gifts I have given in years. Thank you Chef Point. 

  • Posted by Guest August 2009

    I originally saw this place on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, it is fabulous!!!  The bread pudding is definately to die for!!  We love the pesto pasta, but everything we have ordered has been delicious!  You must try the duck. This is now a regular on our list of places to eat and one of our favorite.  Be ready though, you will have about and hour and a half wait to get a seat.  Its is so worth it!  The prices can't be beat.

  • Posted by texasaurus August 2009

    OH. MY. GOD. this place is fantastic. My wife and I have eaten there several times and we love everything we have tried, The bread pudding dessert is to die for. Definitely worth the trip from anywhere in the DFW area.

  • Posted by Guest August 2009

    The pizza is my favorite

  • Posted by Guest August 2009

    I love this place.......please do more re-runs of this show!

  • Posted by Guest August 2009

    Gourmet food in a gas station, who woulda thunk it?  From lamb to scallops benedict, from hamburgers to stuffed ribeye, this place has it all, and at a great price.

  • Posted by Guest August 2009

    Outstanding dishes.  Waiting area is amongst the gas station display shelves,  kinda like looking in through the window of a restaurant when you are hungry.  Sunday's at 2:30 PM no wait.  Excellent food.  Gotta order the "What Not's and the Cheese Fries."

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