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Black Duck Cafe

605 Riverside Avenue Westport, CT 06800
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  • Posted by motorhed February 2014

    Took my Wife to the Black Duck the other day, and then went back a couple of days later for lunch. It was exactly what we expected; a semi-dive bar with good food. Service was good and friendly. Burgers were very good; the only thing that kept them out of the "Excellent" category was that their Medium was more Medium Well. Fish-and-chips were cooked properly, flavorful, and they gave a very large portion. We got happy hour prices because it was snowing, too! We will definitely be back to try the Steak au Poivre.

  • Posted by JoeMcVon June 2013

    HaHa! I've been going to the Black Duck now and then for 30 years. It is truly a dive but a pleasant place to drink some beers as long as you bring some Purell. I never knew they had food until turning on DDD and saying "that place looks like The Duck - it IS The Duck!" Had no idea you could eat there but can not imagine the thought. This might make me re-think visiting any of the spots on DDD.

  • Posted by chickie01 June 2013

    Oh where do I begin are greeted by the smell of musty carpet. That should have been enough for us to turn around but we decided to give it a chance. After we were seated at our broken and wobbly table that was just barely inside the door & after a look at the bar we decided bottled beer was the only safe choice. We ordered wings extra crispy they came out soggy but still somewhat tasty. The stuffed burger came out as a ball of meat. You either got a bite of bun or blacked meat. We decided to leave before needing use the restroom. Guy what are you thinking... This place gives dives a bad name!

  • Posted by kp February 2013

    After watching DDD and visiting this place, we were very disappointed. The atmosphere was ok, the service was pitiful, the bleu cheese burger was not good (my wife attested to grizzle and bone in the meat) and the steamers seemed old. Later that night I awoke to tremendous stomach pains. From what I read below, I am not the only one to suffer food poisoning from the steamers. Black Duck has ruined me for eating clams for the rest of my life. I would not recommend going there.

  • Posted by roadtrip June 2012

    I' m planning a road trip from Maryland to mass. we are stopping at some of the DDD places after reading some of the comments here i think i wont waste our time with this one. sorry.... : (

  • Posted by Big Zep June 2012

    The food was ok nothing to bragg about the service was 1-10 it was a 3 she never came back to the table until we ask for a check and the place was half fullI wont go again and woudnt recomend it to know one sorry...

  • Posted by Marc April 2012

    I have to say it was average, nothing spactacular.  Food was edible nothing too fantastik. Staff I have to admit was meh. We did the eastern Triple D tour and were not impressed maybe we should give them another chance...

  • Posted by ESR September 2011

    Staff was nice but disorganized.  After seeing it on DDD, I got the large steamers, clam chowder, and steak au poivre.  Steamers smelled and tasted like poop, clam chowder looked like it was out of a can, and the steak tasted charred.

  • Posted by neal June 2011

    food is average but waitstaff stinks , pooer service to the max

  • Posted by Celtics Fan May 2011

    Loved the atmosphere. The food was ok.

  • Posted by abraun011 January 2011

    After seeing it on DDD couldn't wait to go  here.  Had the steamers.  Unfortunately they gave me food poisoning.  Don't know if it is the local water or what, but I wouldn't advise the steamers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Posted by Dawg Pound Nuke April 2010

    I was in town for 1 night and made the drive over to the Black Duck.  I had the Clams Casino (steamers with bacon, parmesan, and garlic) as an appetizer.  I should have ordered a dozen because they were amazing.  I then had the Dr. Proctor's Bleu Cheeseburger with Onion Rings.....everything was great.  I would certainly make the trip back when in the area.

  • Posted by scott redstone January 2010

    Just came back from lunch at the Black Duck.  These guys know about lobster roles.  We also had the steamers and chicken wings.  Don't forget to ask for the Sunday Special from your bartender.  Well worth the ride from Manhattan to Westport.

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