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Backroad Pizza

1807 2nd Street Sante Fe, NM 87505
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  • Pizza and soup

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Reviews (9)

  • Posted by Beth February 2013

    I have eaten here twice, once in August and then again in December. Both times the service was good, the pizza was great, and the restaurant was clean and inviting. There are lots of great places to eat in Santa Fe and this is definitely one of them!

  • Posted by Big Taters April 2012

    Used to go here now and then, never noticed especially dirty tables, but did notice "staff with an attitude". Pizza was good pizza, but with hundreds of restaurants in Santa Fe, there is competition, and I don't need to waste my time on someplace where they eyeball you and decide whether you measure up as a customer.

  • Posted by Steve December 2011

    Glad I did not read the reviews before we went.  We took a group of 10 kids 13-21 to eat.  All were well satisified.  The Texan pizza was great.  The staff was acceptable and there were a few dirty tables but all in all good pizza that you won't find any where else.  The kids also had fun on the pool table upstairs.

  • Posted by lynda November 2011

    I enjoyed the atmosphere.  The staff has been nice both times my family and I have been there.  The pizza is great I love the crust.  My husband gets the the meatball sub.  My kids play pool upstairs and the place is clean,  except for a couple dirty tables but that is normal unless you are the first people in the place.  We will go again.

  • Posted by Nicolas Porter July 2011

    Took 45 minutes to get a medium pizza at 8 pm on a Wednesday with only 4 other people there. Had the New Mexico the food was good, but the service was so slow probably will not go back.

  • Posted by Jeff July 2010

    Ate here on 7/3/10 with my brother.  Since we were visiting New Mexico we had the New Mexican, a green chile, red onion and pepperoni pizza.  I liked it; a bit spicy, so be prepared, it'll get your attention (twice .. LOL).  I also really liked the pizza crust.  It was light and crispy, not thick and chewy. Customer service was fine and the restaurant was clean.  I'd go back.

  • Posted by Rick February 2010

    We didn't hit this place though it looked okay when we drove by.  A bunch of glass in a fairly decent building.  They do have some music in the evenings (at least Thursday evening).

  • Posted by Guest August 2009

    I agree- seemed such a nice, friendly place on tv & then dirty and unwelcoming in reality.  Too bad for them as I won't spend my time or money at a place that doesn't act like it wants my business.  After being ignored by girl behind counter (with no one else in line mind you), just walked out past the dirty tables. Had a great experience at Harry's Roadhouse not too far away- even took a second pizza to go from them. Girl at Backroad Pizza needs to go to a customer service class or find another job better suited for her.

  • Posted by Guest August 2009

    Had the most horrible experience at this pizza place. I asked one of the employees if I could take a picture of Guy Fieri's stenciled face on a brick wall towards the back of the restaurant. He said "by all means". As I was taking the picture with my cell phone, this Pizza Nazi waitress comes up and screams at me to get the IF*** out of the kitchen. I explain to her that I had requested and had been granted permission. She yells back, "I don't give a she**, get out of the kitchen. She then runs over to the young worker who had allowed me to take the picture and begins to unleash on the poor guy. She then has the gall to ask us what we would like to order. Needless to say, we left and had a most memorable time at Zia's restaurant nearby. I believe that I set off the Pizza Nazi by requesting she clean off a table for us as every table in the place was dirty. There was only a father and his two sons eating when we arrived. AVOID THIS PLACE

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