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Kuma's Corner

2900 W Belmont Ave Chicago, IL 60618
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  • Posted by December 2013

    Best to go for lunch if you can get away. Need to be in line by 11:15am for 11:30 seating. Great food. Music is loud, but a worthwhile experience.

  • Posted by mlsweeney November 2013

    I had a very good experience at Kuma's Corner. I got the Lair of the Minotaur burger with fries and a beer. The burger was absolutely fantastic. I didn't think having a pear on top of a burger would work but it had a perfect blend of sweet to counter the juicy texture of the burger. The caramelized onion was a great finishing touch to a fantastic sandwich that had me stuffed when I finished. The fries were decent but nothing to write home about. I came for the burger though and it exceeded my expectations. I need to warn families about the atmosphere if you haven't figured it out by the other comments. This is not a kid-friendly atmosphere with loud metal music playing and sacrilegious pictures on their walls. This is not to take away from the fact that my waitress and bartenders were absolutely amazing and were very caring about making sure my experience was great. The only other negative to my experience was the price. I think I paid over $20 for a burger, fries, and a beer but this is expected at a typical Chicago restaurant. With regards to the wait time mentioned in the other comments, I came by during the lunch hour (a Thursday) and had zero wait at all and the service was very fast. Overall, I had a fantastic time soaking in the metal atmosphere and cannot wait to try the Black Sabbath burger the next time I visit. 8.8/10

  • Posted by minh February 2013

    My husband and I went here in December on a Saturday night and it was packed!! We had to wait for about an hour before we were seated but it was well worth it. I'm not into burgers but I really enjoyed it here. My husband had the Black Sabbath which he thought was one of the best burgers he's ever had. And not to mention he has very high standards when it comes to food!! We're from Toronto, Canada, and we would drive the 8.5 hours just to eat here again.

  • Posted by Hoosier Josh January 2013

    Wow, what a crazy good place! Only in Chicago can you walk into a bar blaring heavy metal and get primo delicious burgers and sexy delicious bloody mary's! We got there at 2pm on a saturday and although we saw a line just outside the door, were amazed at how many people were standing inside waiting too. There was and hour and a half wait on a table so we stood in the window near the bar and thought, "wow, this better be worth it." 30 minutes later the couple in front of us at the bar stood up and we were seated! I ordered the Iron Maiden, and my wife the Black Sabbath, and we loved both of them. I managed to eat all of my half-pounder, while my wife quit after half nof hers. Service was OK, it was of course really load in there which made it harder to communicate. And we waited about 45min for our food which I thought was kind of slow (I watched the chefs puting the o9rders together and thought it could have gone faster - they seemed to be taking their time). But, ultimately the bugers were worth the wait, and we were happy we visited such a unique place.

  • Posted by JK3 June 2012

    WOW, monster juicy burgers that have a unique spin and bursting with flavor. The apps are equally good - love the chorizo / grit cakes and the mac n cheese is money too. A must go to place. The wait for a table though is nuts - 90 minutes for a table on Friday night at 10:30 pm. Well worth the wait though.

  • Posted by Guest December 2011

    Great food, great atmosphere. Mac n cheese is to die for. Got the zepplin and the slayer so far, going for the mastodon next time I think. Highly recommend this place!!

  • Posted by Frances November 2011

    The food was well worth the wait. Great atmosphere, lots of food and great music.....

  • Posted by SALAMINIZER75 June 2011

    You should go eat at Wendy's with SLC over there.

  • Posted by SALAMINIZER75 June 2011

    You obviously have a Wendy's pallett and are from lame -ass SLC. I mean, who moves to Wisconsin? In a real city like Chicago, $22 is a drop in the bucket. Mormons, sheesh, have a cup of coffee and let your ladies show some ankle. You obviously should have NEVER went to Kuma's in the first place.

  • Posted by SALAMINIZER75 June 2011

    My biggest p.o. point with GUY visiting Kuma's Korner was the segment was ONLY 5:48 MINUTES /SECONDS LONG! I LOVE Kuma's and never minded standing in line for up to an hour and a half. The food is SOOOOO worth it. The Iron Maiden, The Gobblincock and the SLAYER BURGER are epic and delicious!! Nice effort Guy, but you should go back and do a whole show on three places: Kuma's Korner, El Faro's Restaraunt in Elgin, Illinois and JB Alberto's Pizza in Roger's Park (Chicago North side). Take the Metra out of Union Station and head to Elgin!! AWESOME SEGMENT THOUGH!!

  • Posted by Anonymous June 2011

    Of course.....amazing burgers and beer!!!

  • Posted by Anonymous August 2010

    Ate here with a friend a couple years ago - BEFORE it was on DDD - and absolutely loved it.  Went back a year later - AFTER being on DDD - and it was a 90 minute wait for a table.  We went originally because we were into the heavy metal vibe of the restaurant (although the din of death metal blast beats is even too much for me), but you could tell that much of the crowd was there simply because it was on TV.  I ate there again recently as my friend and I were able to squeeze in at the bar, but there would have easily been a 30-60 minute wait if we wanted a table.  Had the Pantera chicken sandwich and it was awesome.  For some reason I kept the receipt without realizing it and I had a chuckle while reading it.  It just read "PANTERA" and "IRON MAIDEN."  Classic.  I do wish they'd tone down the music in the sense that they played stuff I actually recognize.  They don't even play the artists they've named their food after.  It's all obscure, really extreme stuff that, in most cases, would be used to drive people away.  Unless that's the point.

  • Posted by Anonymous February 2010

    One of, if not, the best burger I've ever had. The Black Sabbath Burger is worth the trip. I loved the metal thing as well, although I didn't like the blasphemous pictures of Jesus.

  • Posted by addicted2ketchup January 2010

    this place is SO good....not only the burgers, but good soups, salad and mac and cheese.

  • Posted by Jenn January 2010

    1/2/10  visit - We loved this place!  Yes we waited but the crowd was fun and we chatted a bit with the crowd around us.  Atmosphere was very fun.  Everyone from the name taker to the kitchen guy was has a great time, how could we not!? We got the Metallica burger and the Kuma burger (w/chicken instead) Both very good.  Tasty combinations.  Will be back to try the mac'n cheese.

  • Posted by Jason January 2010

    Great Burger and loud heavy music! Awesome. Patio was great. Get the Ietallica burger and a PBR you won't leave disappointed

  • Posted by Chris January 2010

    I give Kuma's Corner 5 stars because I believe restaurants should be rated primarily by their product and Kuma's Corner has innovated the burger. The best burger in town is not a plain cheddar cheeseburger, it might have pear, or an egg , or a sausage on it. Places are usually famous for their signature burger, but Kuma's is famous for having a slew of the most unique burgers you will ever eat. If you need fast service, go to McDonald's. If you don't have to wait, it's not the best in a major city. Simple as that. One last note, the beer comes from microbreweries and the Mac n Cheese is phenomenal. 

  • Posted by Jeremy November 2009

    Great burger. I have eaten hear half a dozen times and it is one of the best burgers in Chicago. The wait can be rough, but it is all worth it. The burger is three quarters of a pound and tough to finish. The macaroni and cheese is rediculous.

  • Posted by Steve October 2009

    great food, way crowded, slow service. This place is way too small to be so popular! The Mac and Cheese was awesome!

  • Posted by J D. October 2009

    My wife and I just moved from SLC to Wisconsin, we made a trip to Chicago and decided to eat here.  We waited an hour to get in (not a problem as it was Saturday Night). We waited 45 minutes to get our order (not a problem it was a Saturday Night).  We ordered 2 different burgers as we wanted to try some variety. My Wife had the one with the pear and brie cheese on it. I had some other one.  Mine was flavorless, the burger did not taste like beef, the roll did not taste like a pretzel roll, what my burger did taste like was a pile of grease.  I was unhappy with mine but thought my wifes would be better, so we decided to switch and share the second half with each other.  One bite into my wifes and I regretted trading.  Hers not only didn't have good flavor, it tasted horrible.  The brie was the size of a stick of gum, the pear wasn't even ripe and was tough to chew.  My water glass was almost always empty and had one ice cube in it.  We were SO dissapointed.  We have eaten at three other triple d spots and they were all great.  Not considering the fact that the cost was steep $22 for two burgers and fries.  i would have been happier with junior bacon cheese burgers from Wendy's.   I wish I could have left a positive comment,

  • Posted by Guest September 2009

    Food was great!  Unfortunately, three of us got food poisoning and one person ended up in the ER.  Eater beware!!!

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